Thursday, March 26, 2020

2020 SAQA Central Canada Retreat April 27-30th canceled this date....


A note from Maggie Vanderweit received this morning, and shared with the registered participants for the 2020 SAQA central Canada CRIEFF HILLS Retreat - a sad reality and yet, the very best decision at this time.

Hello dear friends,
I am very sorry to confirm what I am sure you already suspect. We are going to have to cancel the 2020 SAQA retreat. In view of the virus situation, I predict we will still, unfortunately, be needing to socially distance. 

I was soooo looking forward to our time together to create, inspire, connect, recharge and relax. I am sure you are all equally disappointed. It would have been really great.

I have contacted Crieff to let them know our intentions and I'm awaiting their response about our $100 deposits. I wanted you to know about the cancellation first. We will be working out the financial details with you shortly.

I was thinking we could take a page from moSAiQA and have a zoom meeting sometime during that week (April 27th - 30th) to do some show and share and visiting. Are you game to try it? Zooming was an amazing success at the SAQA conference last weekend.

I really hope you are all keeping well, keeping safe and keeping artistically busy! Very big hugs,

I’ll be in touch soon.


Contact Maggie through her FB or website contact links. (or the emails she sent you today).

Hoping all of you will stay in touch with each other, and feel free to send me information to post on SAQA CENTRAL Blog! I would be delighted to have "What I have been doing" articles to share and they should include the text as you want them shared, and large file (2MB or more) jpeg photos to insert with your stories.

Please do be well and happy as work in your home-based studio spaces. Be focused on creating your new dyed, painted, pieced, woven, sculpted and machine and hand-worked pieces for your own art practice. Feel free to share - though Social Media or here on our blog.

Try to support the many initiatives that are needed for our community hospitals and institutions if you are able.

See you again along the way!