Monday, January 27, 2020

Exciting news for our Canadian SAQA Artists who have been selected for the 'COLOUR with a U' and the 'COLOUR with a U Too' Exhibitions that will be shared with visitors in Kitchener and Queenston this spring and summer. Thank you to all of the Canadian SAQA members who submitted their works to the Jury.

Colour with a U: March 13 – May 31, 2020
Homer Watson House & Gallery, Kitchener, ON  
Opening Reception:  Saturday, March 21st  1 – 3 pm

Jurors, Faith Hieblinger, Alan Syliboy, Jayne Willoughby, and Debra Antoncic had the challenge of selecting a total of 45 works from 173 entries for these 2 exhibitions.

Susan Avishai Shirtz
Helene Blanchet Garden on the Hill
Wilma Brock The Urgent Colours of a Summer Garden
Linda Campbell Thoughts 2
Victoria Carley Anticipatory Grief
Heather Dubreuil Rue de Buade #2
Kristi Farrier LatitUde and AttitUde
Linda Finley 36 Million Stories: The Fabric of US
Ihor Gawdan         Beneficial Symbiosis
Mita Giacomini Colour Theories
Victoria Gray The Eccentric Pianist
Greta Hildebrand We the People of Staghorn and Peegee
June Horwich Ribs and Heart
Margaret Jessop Colourful Canadians
Joan Kilpatrick Colour in transit
Chris Liszak United Diversity
Fuzzy Mall Kill Your Darlings #2
Regina Marzlin Same/Different (Hommage to Jawlensky)
Fiona Oxford Sedna
Mary Pal Peggy
Mical Pearlman Scatterlings
Dawn Piasta Eh, Eutopian Sky
June Robertson Psychedelic Skies 4
Lorraine Roy Sassafras Mandala
Helena Scheffer A Simple Twist of Fate
Janet Scruggs Portraits - Women I would Like to Have Met
Rosalind Sims Oh What a Night
Anne Solomon Our Home ON Native Land
Arja Speelman Backcountry
Andrea Tsang Jackson The Here & Elsewhere Bee
Linda Van Gastel Othello Tunnels
Maggie Vanderweit Light My Fire
Judy Villett Political Stripes
Kit Vincent Tri-Colour Red
Valerie Wilson The Hockey Boys
Krista Zeghers Powwow Power

 Colour with a U Too: March 15 – September 5, 2020
RiverBrink Art Museum, Queenston, ON  
Opening Reception:  Thursday, April 23rd  5 – 7 pm

Ilse Anysas-Salkauskas Invaders
Michele Craigen Through My Eyes
Millie Cumming October Morning
Janet Harper Cold Magic
Karen Johnson Colours on the Rock
Lynda Mariani Different but the Same
Julie Poirier Mathur Tout un monde.  It Takes All  People.
Susan Selby Green to Make my Heart Sing
Catherine Ugrin The Dancer

Please join us for the Opening Receptions.

Best regards.

Tracey Lawko
Chair, Canadian Regional Juried Exhibition 2020: "Colour with a U"
Studio Art Quilt Associates


My apology for the "copy and paste" list that appears above here in the blog post as I was too excited to share the great news for the selected artists and did not take the time to re-type the entire list I received for sharing in the email from Tracey this afternoon.

CONGRATS to all of our Canadian Artists!!!