Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Sending along the very best wishes for your 2019 end of the year Holidays, and as we move into the changing decade - be Well, Happy and MAKE ART!

On this Christmas Day, thinking of all of our 229 SAQA members across Central Canada and those who have become cherished friends and neighbors from around our world of the Fibre and Textile Arts!

Knowing that we all have deadlines and projects that are on the go - not one more moment of your time, except to say HAPPY CHRISTMAS and send along best wishes for a wonderful new decade and New Year! See many of you in March at MoSAiQA in Toronto!

Remember the deadline for 'COLOUR WITH a U' is fast approaching! January 3, 2020...

Keep all of our SAQA friends in your loop and be willing to take part in local and distance events that bring us closer together! Check out the list of SAQA members in your area in the Central Canada link at and find a new friend or two who live nearby and try to make contact and get together.