Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Do plan to mark your calendar and join SAQA Juried Artist 

as her exhibition
opens at the 
(entrance on Dover Court)
1092 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M6J1H9

Exhibition Dates are: October 18-November 4, 2018
with a Meet the Artist event
Thursday, October 18, 2018 
6:00 - 8:00 pm

Thursday, October 11, 2018

The Schweinfurth Art Centre in Auburn, NY hosts QUILTS=ART=QUILTS 2018 . Definitely a "worth the visit" trip for fall 2018, in the gorgeous Fingerlakes Region of Northern NY

Quilts=Art=Quilts 2018

Oct 27, 2018 - Jan 6, 2019

Annual Juried Quilt Exhibition featuring 59 artists from around the world

Opening Reception, Saturday October 27, 2018 5 pm followed by a dinner at the 
Springside Inn... a lovely place to stay for your visit!

Quilts=Art=Quilts is an international juried quilt exhibition at the Schweinfurth Art Center in Auburn, New York. This year's exhibit will feature quilts by 59 artists from across the US and around the world. The opening reception will be on Saturday, October 27th from 4-6 pm.

The exhibit will be on view from October 27, 2018, through January 6, 2019. The year's exhibit was juried by Gerri Spilka and Kit Vincent. Prizes will be chosen by Prize Juror, Robert Shaw, and announced at 5:00pm at the opening reception. A Quilter’s Dinner will be held at 7:00 pm at the Springside Inn with a lecture by Robert Shaw. Pre-registration required to attend the dinner and lecture. Please submit the following form to pre-register.

We encourage weekend visitors to plan their visits around the Trunk Shows which will be held throughout QAQ on four Sundays at 2:00 pm. Presenting artists bring a wide variety of their work and describe their process and approach to quilting. The admission fee allows visitors to view the exhibits and join the trunk shows. Trunk Shows will be held on November 4, November 25, and December 2. Trunk Show lecturers: TBA. On Sunday, November 18th there will be a Fiber Market at the Schweinfurth from 1-5pm featuring local yarn producers and vendors, plus a lecture by indie dyer, Carrie Drake. Click here for more information about the market.

Image Credits:
Top Horizontal: Denise Roberts, MITOTE #4, 2016. 
Middle: Margaret Abramshe, Nan, 2017.
Bottom: Chawne Kimber, Get Woke, 2017. 

Saturday, October 6, 2018

JOIN our own Central Canada SAQA Juried Artist member, HEATHER DUBREUIL, as she shares her design expertise and amazing informational tips and information about her work.
Visit the SAQA Seminar Unit Two online website lessons.... free and so wonderfully informative!

Deborah Boschert hosts and the Guest Instructor for Unit Two is Heather Dubreuil from Hudson, Quebec.

Heather is a hugely wonderful speaker and her personal story and advice to those who are keen to learn more about her work. As an artist, Heather is unique in her approach, widely based on observation and excellent photography as she travels. The expectations as you sign in for this wonderful second session, featuring the PRINCIPLES OF DESIGN as a focus, is that Heather will share a few tips from her own experience. You will discover so much more than that - a diverse and beautifully shared story of her development as a textile artist and the many well developed thoughts about her process and direction that may help you carry your own ideas to their fullest advantage..

PORT CLYDE, Heather Dubreuil

The discussions between Deborah and Heather are wonderful, and just a hugely important. They traverse the pathways to her art and share an interesting take on Heather's approach to artwork - specifically development and design play. Bringing her back to her roots is all important in the photographs that Heather takes as she visits Europe, the US and certainly across Canada.

She uses a program called POSTER RAZOR for developing and laying out her larger pieces - starting with a full size black and white photograph, from which she draws her master onto a heat away stabilizer for the placement guide and the actual stitching of the design. Great tip!

MONTMARTRE #1, from Heather's Europe Series
Her colours simply sing the story of what she has seen in her travels. The palettes of colour are used to represent very clearly the locations and the actual tones and shades, the actuals "as seen" colouring of the buildings and the backdrop of the city as Heather decides on the images that she chooses for her work.

Please do make time for sharing your quiet Thanksgiving weekend and a cup of lovely fall tea or your other favourite beverage as you visit with these two talented and well know JAM artists from SAQA.

DOOR TO NOWHERE, Boothbay Harbor, Heather Dubreuil

We all know Heather's beautiful work in her CITYSCAPES Series, but this session shared an especially wonderful selection of Heathers' work. Having the opportunity to hear her talk about her focused approaches to creating the work from photograph, to design play and setting the stage for stitching is very worthwhile listening to and observing.

Of all of the SAQA Seminar Sessions, this one has brought me a whole new perspective and appreciation and a new respect for this outstanding artist among us. Using her innate design sense and years of work on her Cityscapes series, Heather now moves forward in a series of painted and collaged paper pieces, and yet states that she cannot stay away from the thoughts of bringing more fibre into her design play. There is definition and playful colour in every piece, and following her own muse is a big part of why Heather continues to experiment, and she is grateful for the opportunity and potential for new exploration in her work!
Explorations in Colour, Shape and Pattern, Heather Dubreuil

This session is an absolutely wonderful way to spend an hour or two just visiting with HEATHER and DEBORAH...  here is your link! Do sign up for the 2018 SEMINAR Series and enjoy everything it has to offer!

Deborah Boschert interviews Canadian artist Heather Dubreuil about how she utilizes the principles of design in creating her artwork. The website Heather mentions for converting images is posterazor.sourceforge.net/

Enjoy! and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
I am so thankful to know each of YOU!

Friday, October 5, 2018


The SAQA Benefit Auction is well underway and this Thanksgiving weekend offers opportunities to add some dynamic and truly wonderful artwork to your Private Collection. All of the 450+ quilts are stunning, and inspire creative ideas just through a visit and quiet look through the three galleries.

SECTION 3 is open for bidding for just a last few days and the price to own one of these treasures drops to $150 this afternoon, October 5th at 2 pm EDT, and $100 tomorrow, October 6th. We are blessed that many of the wonderfully executed Canadian Art donation pieces have already found new homes. Below are two that are personal favourites of mine and I will be poised for holding down the bid button as the hours go by.... this Canadian art is dynamic and truly a treasure.

Harriett Rynberk
Knowing that the dollars spent go to support the Exhibitions programming and installations at important venues that SAQA shares all around the world is the MOST important and exciting opportunity you have to contribute to the future of sharing artwork with our friends around the word who many never have a chance to see artwork that is of the calibre that SAQA art introduces across the world. Please do consider a purchase yourself! 

Harriett... your art quilt is so beautifully Niagara. Thank you for donating this beautiful hand stitched and thoughtfully composed mini-masterpiece!

Daniela, Balancing on a Thread, below, is a stunning quilt online, and I so wish we could all see it in person. The quilt includes: Dyes, thermofax screen printing, water soluble crayons, gold applique with MistyFuse. Free motion stitched and quilted.
Daniela TigerRose Klein 
I love this design, Rose…so beautifully contemporary. Takes me on a journey of  contemplation about the actual composition and stitching of the piece. And I keep thinking 'who is still working in there?' and I love that!

THANK YOU to each of our contributing Canadian artists and to each of you who have purchased the SAQA Benefit Auction artworks that we will undoubtedly see along the way at POD meetings and in your homes.

In awe...bethany