Monday, August 20, 2018

Instructor, Pamela Allen
Kingston School of Art - three student seats available, register soon
Course will begin September 17th at the Kingston School of Art Princess and Victoria Street. 

NOTE: Class is running and is filled - thanks from Pamela!

"Hello fellow textile artists,
I am proposing a ten week fibre art course at the Kingston School of Art starting Sept 17th. The course will emphasize exercises that encourage PERSONAL content and finding one's voice in the fabric medium. In depth assignments, time for class critiques and independent studies are a feature of the course.  So far  I have only 7 students and I need at least 10 to make it viable. I am attaching a general blurb about the course and what the emphasis will be.

Pamela Allen
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THINK LIKE AN ARTIST- Instructor, Pamela Allen

Have you made the transition from traditionally designed quilts to ART quilts? Would you like to?  Then this is the class for you.

There are two parts to every art is the technical expertise of stitching, applique, quilting, blocking, binding. And we all continue to improve in this category simply by making work .  The other side ... the ART more ephemeral and esoteric perhaps, as it requires many years of questioning, risk taking and imagination to develop. Pamela has designed her program that will start the student along the road to that development. Students will hone in on the whole process of art making using a series of hands on exercises which focus on the important elements of creativity.  Each  afternoon, the class will work on projects that address certain problems faced by every artist. 

For instance, what about the tools of the trade...meaning the formal elements such as color, line, shape, space, scale? These are as necessary to art as are the machine, thread and scissors. As a warmup exercise, the class will make several quick  fabric sketches in series to focus on each element. This is a fun and relaxing introduction and you will have several little postcards well underway by lunchtime.

Here’s another question. How do artists decide upon their subject matter? We will talk about outside influences that often trigger an idea ; other artists’ work, images gleaned from popular culture, written sources like poetry or literature, music, daily events in our lives. To help in the discussion, students will be asked to compile a folder containing any written or visual data that is appealing to them. A small quilt will be designed that uses these sources as inspiration.

Another challenge is how does the artist find her own personal means of expression?  We can admire other artists in other media, we can absorb images from popular culture, we can be fascinated by the culture of other nations. But how can we translate that into a personal expression unlike no one else’s? How do we avoid the  dreaded word DERIVATIVE? Another small quilt will help address these issues.

And a related do we discover our own private symbolism? How do we go beyond a generic image into a unique and personal expression? This always generates a lively discussion in class as people defend or condemn certain images that may or may not be cliched and facile. A fun self portrait will help the class to confront these questions.

And finally, how do you know when it’s finished?  The class will discuss the virtues ( or not) of embellishment, and how it can enhance the image.

Some other topics that may arise:

To show or not to show? If art is your vocation, how to organize your time, your studio space, your inventory ? How to apply for a grant? How to network? Critiquing art.