Sunday, July 29, 2018

REGISTRATION: FIBREWORKS-Kingston Weekend Workshops 2018
 Retreat Days, 9:30-5 pm on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday as scheduled.
Come when you can and stay as long as you like!
Workshops will be held at ODESSA FAIRGROUNDS HALL in the Village of Odessa, just west of Kingston. (in the hall attached to the back of the BIG BARN with the red roof.
Supply Lists available with paid registration. 

(something for everyone)
September 12-14, 2018
SAQA Artists - what a great chance to get together with friends and catch up!!!

I have been so busy with my duties at the TETT Centre for Creativity and Learning the past couple of years that FIBREWORKS has taken a bit of a back seat. This fall lets get together, RELAUNCH Fibreworks Kingston's great Workshops Series  and spend some great days creating together. 

Hoping YOU are looking forward to fall 2018 and some days that will bring you time for getting out your fabrics and paints and trying some new works experimenting with SILK PAINTING with a touch of alcohol. Come for one, two or all three days! (Options below).

Day One begins the adventure... 

We will be playing with a very free form style of painting  backgrounds and design play that is original to YOU with another technique - the use of non-woven fabric that is also coloured with fabric paints and then cut with a small "heat tool" (soldering-like craft tool that plugs in and heats up for cutting fabrics). You will play along with me, creating free form cut out openings and holes that can be the catalyst for overlays in original dimensional art! This is just such fun, and you can design YOUR OWN work with a start along the way at this workshop... so if you love painting, experimentation and some heat cutting, come create all new work with your own take on texture, line and shape.

Day Two is another fun day! Indigo Dye Play (beginners always welcome!). This is a passionate art form For the Love of Blue that everyone can participate in as they bring the joy of blue into their artwork and quilts. The Indigo dyeing will continue into Friday or until the vats are exhausted. Cotton, linen, silk and knits that are cotton based can all be used for this project.

Day Three will find you working on an art quilt that uses up your fabric scraps or your hand dyed fabrics like the ones I have used below in TURNING POINT - flat dyed right here at the Odessa Hall with friends. 

TURNING POINT, Free Form Piecing using Flat Dyed fabrics, Bethany Garner
Now touring with SAQA's MY CORNER OF THE WORLD
Please see the "Cabin Fever Retreat" page on the right sidebar at my blog or the FIBREWORKS KINGSTON Blog for all of the details and then copy and print from there your registration form or email me at for a pdf copy.

I look forward to having YOU come during the last wonderful weeks of what we all love as SUMMER . Do bring along a few creative and arts focused friends!

This is a fun way to spend a few days and still enjoy the waterfront activities in beautiful Kingston! Lets fill the hall on these days with the excitement of Colour, Cloth, Paint and Stitch!

Included in your full Retreat Fee of $120 is participation in and handouts for the three working art-filled days/demonstrations that Bethany will share that will bring participants a chance to learn a new skill or have the opportunity to focus in on some fun for an entire day!

YOUR Retreat Options:

(  ) FULL retreat - September 12-14, 2018 - I want to attend all Three Days  -  Fee $120
(  ) Day one -  Wednesday, Sept. 12th only -   SILK, painted and the use of hand painted, heat distressed NON-WOVENS for delicate stitched overlay    $50, single day
( )  Day Two - Thursday, Sept. 13th only - INDIGO: For the Love of Blue      $50, single day
( )  Day three - Friday SEPT. 14th only IMPROV ART QUILT  $50, single day
( ) TWO RETREAT DAYS of choice - I will attend ______Wed.  _____ Thu. _______ Fri.  $80 
     (please tick the two days you plan to attend for planning purposes only)

( ) I want to attend all three days but will be working on my own art, not the planned CABIN FEVER projects and do not need the handouts and will not be using any supplies provided by Bethany - $60 to attend as a 'lone wolf' artist for all three days

Hoping you will be able to join me and fall into some fun in September. 
Do contact me with your questions and open and copy your registration form on the sidebar to the right of this article here at the blog.

Have a great August!

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Mary Pal to visit the Huron Perth Quilters Guild as they share their "Gathering of the Guilds" this fall... Mark your calendar, everyone welcome!

SAQA Central Canada member MARY PAL 
has the most wonderful way of bringing quilters and fibre art enthusiasts together!
Her Lecture and slides show is amazing and FUN!

Staying on the Lecture circuit is a great way to carry your story
and the beautiful art you create out there for many others to enjoy!
Hope you will visit the Gathering... Everyone welcome!