Saturday, April 28, 2018

TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES... a visit with the lecture/talk given by SAQA Past President JANE DUNNEWOLD at the San Antonio Conference

Standing Tall: Artists as Stewards of Our World 


Maggie Vanderweit, our Central Canada Representative was there in San Antonio and heard the Lecture - she says it was awesome and made everyone listening sit up straight in their Banquet Evening seats and listen - really listen. 

She asked all of us at the recent retreat week at Crieff Hills Conference Centre to make time when we got home to listen to the lecture and drink in the wise advice and shared knowledge - it will be about a half hour - so pour a glass of wine, or gather some snacks and make it a special occasion listen.

The talk is a Lecture only and NOT a video, but found on YouTube here.

Once you find this wonderful lecture, please do make a note to self to listen to all of the YouTube videos that Jane and her daughter have posted in support of their CREATIVE STRENGTH TRAINING Program and book. Some of us have been working on the book and program with Jane, and others have no idea about what it is... but you should! 

Make time, listen and then take the suggestions where it might best benefit your practice!