Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wellington County Museum and Archives, Fergus, ON, welcomes you to visit this special exhibit between February 9 and May 27, 2018

tarot lovers exhibit poster image

 February 10 to May 27, 2018

Looking for something special to celebrate Valentine's Day? 

Bring your love to the Wellington County Museum and Archives to see the group show  
The Tarot Lovers: Works of Heart.

Exhibit Opening Reception: Friday, February 9, 7:00 to 9:00 pm
Remarks at 8:00 pm

A follow-up to the Elora Tarot project of 2013, this exhibition focuses on
The Lovers card of the tarot deck with over 45 artists work being displayed.   

The Lovers card generally signifies a love match. There is often a cupid present in the image, or some reference to divine intervention in the joining of the Lovers, because they are considered to be soul pairings.

At other times, the Lovers card would appear to prompt a question about what kind of mate
you want in your life, and what kind of life you wish to live. Explored in the exhibit are modern concepts of lovers, which are not usually depicted in the traditional tarot cards. This exhibition is also a reaction to the many political situations around the world that seem to be attempting to incite violence and intolerance between people.

What better antidote to hatred and divisiveness than that of the love and togetherness found in the tarot Lovers?

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