Monday, December 25, 2017

As Christmas Day across Central Canada dawns and families are together to enjoy the peace and blessings of the season... may the joys of family, friends and the hopeful anticipation of an all New Year in your  creative lives be among the best of gifts.

May the blessings of this beautiful season be yours to behold. May the joy of watching the children, seeing good friends and neighbors and making merry with those you love be the order of your week ahead.

Be kind to others. Think of those who are alone and needing a kind voice and some gentle care. Take strength that all will be well if we just work together and share what we know best.

Live life to the fullest, remembering that the little things you do often count the most. Remember you are loved above all else. 

The birds are at the feeder, the snow is gently falling, sun is trying to peek through and at our house, we are safe and warm... hoping you are too!

I am looking forward to keeping in touch here at our SAQA Central Canada Blog, so make sure your news and announcements make their way to me at garner[at]
Have a wonderful week!