Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Perth and area SAQA members - Our next SAQA POD meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 25th - a full day of INDIGO DYE PLAY - come join us!


A ONE-DAY, focused SAQA Central Canada PLAYDATE
Bethany Garner - your Indigo Guide

Monday, September 25th, 2017 9 am - 6 pm
Odessa Fairgrounds Hall
located on Highway 6 just south of Highway 2
in the Village of Odessa ON, direct access via 401

BROWN BAG Lunch/SAQA MEETING - 1-2 pm (while the indigo rests)

A supplies list will be sent with registration and attendance confirmation/payment
Coffee/tea and treats provided, dress for dye work if participating

Participant's playdate registration fee of $35 each will cover shared hall rental costs, comprehensive handouts/dye and auxiliaries supplies 

RSVP INDIGO playdate participation intent to:

Cheques to be payable/mailed to 
Bethany Garner
3275 Orser Road
Elginburg, ON K0H1M0

Email Bethany for your Indigo Playdate Registration form in pdf format.

If you cannot join us for the full day with INDIGO dye work, do think about coming for lunch and the meeting just afterward!

ALL of our SAQA Central Members are most welcome to join us! We will share  brown bag lunch at 12:30 p , and yes, you can attend only the POD Meeting from 1-2 pm and NOT participate in the dye day project 

We will have a great space set up available for CREATIVE BUFFET of artist's recent work by our SAQA Central members attending... please do plan to bring and share what you have been working on! Hoping to have a great turn out and a fun filled day as we pursue the beauty of BLUE!


* Bethany has pfd (prepared for dyeing) white, TEST Fabrics cotton available for dyeing at the play day - $9 a metre and all fabric must be ordered by September 10th.

* Linen dyes beautifully as does silk in this safe and easy dye bath system. Old clothes and gloves are the "desired outfit" of the day!

* Participants will be sharing three or four synthetic Indigo Vats. You will be required to come prepared with poles for wrapping, thread for stitching, table cover and containers for taking the indigo dyed fabrics home WET from the indigo play day for rinsing and washout.

Some Indigo work samples from St. Lawrence College, July 2017:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Join CATHERINE TIMM as she opens her current exhibition "PUSHING THE LIMITS WITH FIBRE AND GLASS" at the Atrium Gallery,

Atrium Gallery,
Ben Franklin Place 
Nepean (101 Centre Point Drive)
Directons and hours of the showing at the link below: .

Rosemary Driscoll & I would like to invite you to attend to my newest Gallery Show to take place at  the Artrium Gallery, Nepean.

As artists, we will be in the Gallery Tuesday August 29'th from 5 to 8 pm to answer questions and speak about the exhibition!  I hope you can join us on that date, but if not please drop in to see the work during the month long exhibition! 

Hope to see you there,

Friday, August 18, 2017

News from our SAQA Central Canada Regional Representative: MAGGIE VANDERWEIT - Hoping you will make time to join Maggie for the events detailed below:

#MASTERCLASS with Maggie Vanderweit

Wrap & Rust Dyeing

September 16 @ 10:00 am - September 17 @ 4:00 pm
Discover the fascinating process of eco-friendly direct dyeing with natural botanical materials and rusty metal.  Learn which plants are effective, how to use non-toxic mordants and rust and how to create organic, soft, complex, layered cloth to use in your textile art. A variety of finishing options will be explored and each piece created will be beautifully unique.

Friday –  Wine & Cheese September 7-9pm @ artists’ studio

Saturday & Sunday –  September 16 &17  10am-4pm

$265 +tx member $275 +tx non member  ($15 kit fee payable direct to teacher at workshop)
Student material list supplied/  along with artists address for Fri wine & cheese on registration.

In textile shows across Canada and internationally, you will find the imaginative wall hangings of Maggie Vanderweit, created in her Stone Threads Textile Arts Studio, Fergus.

In this purposely designed space, with glass doors giving onto trees and the Grand River, Maggie chooses fabrics, paints them, dyes them and quilts on her simple domestic sewing machine.

“I am inspired by my spiritual beliefs about why we are here and what we are supposed to be doing while we are here, and I hope my work conveys wonder and joy. I find the whole process of working with textiles meditative and invigorating and I feel most blessed to be able to teach and create”.

640 Colquhoun Street, Fergus, Ontario  |

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

CONNECTIONS FIBRE ARTISTS participate with the Oakville Stitchery Guild at Joshua Creek Heritage Centre. Exhibition Opening September 15, 2017... please come!

Current Exhibition:

Once a year Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre invites its members, otherwise known as Friends of Joshua Creek, to exhibit their art. This collaboration is one of our finest. 

The artwork currently displayed at the Gallery is a mix of various types of media — from watercolour and acrylic to fibre art.  It’s wonderful to see the talents of a varied group of artists in one location. The Current FRIENDS exhibition runs through September 10th, followed by

Upcoming Exhibition:

Joshua Creek Heritage Centre
Sept 15 - Nov 12
Opening Reception Sept 17, 2 - 5 pm
featuring selected works by

We have always been connected by the threads of time. Stitching cloth or skins together has been elemental to human survival, and for centuries, embellishing cloth has been a cultural heritage. Playing with a needle and thread can be a pleasurable pastime but embroidery is a refined skill, and creativity takes it to another dimension.

Connections Fibre Artists

The Connections Fibre Artists will celebrate 150 years of Canada with work inspired by settlers and pioneers, and the Oakville Stitchery Guild will pay tribute to Constance Howard, the great teacher who brought embroidery to Canada in 1972.

SAQA Central Canada Members participating: Micaela Fitzsimmons, Dianne Gibson, Gunnel Hag, Bethany Garner, Maggie Vanderweit, Dwayne Wanner

The Connections Fibre Artists group is comprised of artists stretching across Canada and into the UK. Fibre is the medium that connects them, giving their art depth and texture that other media can only dream of. Their work is highly diverse, from silk fusion to thread painting, soft sculpture to machine embroidery, hand-quilting to photo transfer, fibre wrapping and beading, with new techniques and disciplines occurring regularly. 

Oakville Stitchery Guild

The Oakville Stitchery Guild meets monthly at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre, with guest speakers and instructors, classes, and workshops on stitchery techniques and fabric art. Characteristic work includes experimental embroidery by hand and/or machine, mixed media fibre work, soft jewellery, lace-making, knitting, crocheting, quilting, doll making, beading, stumpwork, altered book-making, and silk ribbon embroidery.

Oakville Stitchery Guild

Meets: 4th Monday – September to May  (excluding December; AGM – June)
7:00 – 10:00 pm  at Joshua Creek Heritage Centre, Oakville

Please join us for this wonderful exhibition. We look forward to seeing you!

Gallery Hours

Joshua Creek Heritage Centre
Tuesday through Sunday
1 pm to 4 pm
or by appointment
All Mondays
Sept 3, 10

Also, FIBRE ART  exhibiting across Ontario this fall:

Mark your calendars and try to attend as you travel and enjoy summer and early fall:


A Juried Exhibition of Needle Arts

Threadworks mandate is to mount, every three years, a juried exhibition of exceptional creative needlework stitched by artists from across Canada. Since its inception in 1987, Threadworks is supported by the Wellington County Museum and Archives (WCMA). After an inaugural exhibition at the WCMA in 2016, the show is traveling for up to three years, to many museums and galleries throughout the Province of Ontario.

The theme is FLASHBACK. The fibre art/stitchedwork is diverse and beautiful - a MUST SEE Exhibition:

What does that word bring to your imagination? Just how far back does it take you? Whether it's to your own youth, your Grandmother's time or pre-history, anything other than this minute or tomorrow qualifies. Here are a few suggestions: Fashion, Art Deco, Architecture, Environment/Nature/Fossils, Summer Camp, Holidays, Music (e.g. song titles), War, Hippies, Home, Death, Grandma's influence/Ancestors, Weddings, Babies...


image: On the Land by Micaela Fitzsimmons (detail)

Threadworks - Flashback
July 4, 2017 – August 30, 2017
Temiskaming Art Gallery
325 Farr Drive,
Haileybury ON P0J 1K0
Phone: 705-672-3706 for times and details

Threadworks - Flashback
September 12, 2017 – October 31, 2017
Arthur Child Heritage Museum
125 Water Street, Gananoqué ON K7G 3E3
Phone: 613-382-2535 for times and details

Thursday, August 3, 2017

SAQA's Annual Benefit Auction Opens Online September 15th.. Hoping you will participate with your bids to support the ongoing SAQA International Exhibitions funding and members educational, seminar and outreach pogramming. Please share the news with friends!

2017 Benefit Auction begins on September 15!

Please plan to participate and invite your friends and family as well...

Our participating SAQA Benefit Auction Artists

from Central Canada include:

Robynne Cole,
Millie Cumming, Bethany Garner,
Gunnel Hag, Helene Scheffer, Anne Solomon
and our Regional Rep,
Maggie Vanderweit Meredith

So many thanks for sharing your beautiful artwork. It will certainly not be difficult to make sure that I have my bidding 'fingers' on during the three weeks of the Auction...

The quilts below are each so wonderful and demonstrate a terrific love of the particular art techniques that the makers have demonstrated in their shared art work. Do go to the website and see ALL of the Donation Quilts and make YOUR list of favourites to be ready for the auction days ahead.

You can't always participate and send off  a donation, but if you are keen to support our wonderful  Studio Art Quilts Association, do consider bidding on a quilt.
I can only say that every one that has come into my personal collection is wonderful in so many ways and bring great joy each day as I pass them on the walls or our home and my studio. 
Robynne Cole

Millie Cumming

Bethany Garner

Gunnel Hag

Helena Scheffer

Anne Solomon

Maggie Vanderweit

See  a grid of each of the beautiful 2017 Benefit Auction pieces here:

The 2017 Benefit Auction will take place from September 15 through October 8. The Auction will kick-off at 2pm ET on September 15 with Diamond Day bidding - an early bird opportunity to purchase ANY quilt for $1000.  
The 12" x 12" Auction Quilts have been divided up into three sections for bidding purposes. Each week, a different section of quilts will be available for bidding, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week.  
At the end of each bidding period, remaining quilts will be available for purchase in the SAQA store. Unsold quilts will also be sent to Houston for the International Quilt Market and Festival (early November). 

  • The online bidding form will be live on September 15 at 2pm EDT for Diamond Day bidding. All quilts will be available for $1000.
  • Starting September 18th at 2pm EDT, bidding starts at $750 - only pieces in the section listed will be available for bidding at this level. Each day thereafter, the price is reduced according to the chart below.
  • You can bid on up to 7 pieces at a time - the first bid on each piece wins.
  • Once the auction starts, any piece in an upcoming section can be purchased at the Buy It Now price of $1000.

SAQA 2017 Benefit Online Auction Pricing prices change at
2 pm edt

Section 1Sept 18Sept 19Sept 20Sept 21Sept 22Sept 23
Section 2Sept 25Sept 26Sept 27Sept 28Sept 29Sept 30
Section 3Oct 2Oct 3Oct 4Oct 5Oct 6Oct 7
* All quilts will be available for a buy it now purchase of $1000 for the duration of the auction (even if their section isn't open for bidding). Unsold quilts will be sold in Houston (November) and in the SAQA Store (through December 28).