Tuesday, June 27, 2017

OPENING RECEPTION - July 14, 2017, 7-9 pm for the CONNECTIONS FIBRE ARTISTS Exhibition: RUNNING WITH FIBRE, Gallery Stratford. Hope you will join us and do bring friends!!

Participating SAQA Members are:

Maggie Vanderweit, Penny Berens,
Dianne Gibson, Hilary Rice, Mita Giacomini, Jacqueline Venus,
Dwayne Wanner, Gunnel Hag, Micaela Fitzsimmons,
Bethany Garner

The members of the CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists Group work together to bring you the very best of the best in contemporary technique and use of beautiful, original fabric and stitch design. They share a wide variety of interests including dye and print work, digital design play, three dimensional art, woven and knit/crochet pieces and beautifully presented hand and machine stitch interpretations in cloth and fibre as they finish and present each individual fine art piece. Creative use of cloth, thread, paper, metal, dye, paint, embellishment, natural eco print technique and so much more is combined with the many talents demonstrated in the unique and intriguing mark making and design play used in their new pieces.

If you were fascinated by the forward thinking and art focused uniqueness demonstrated in their recent exhibition at the Wellington County Museum and Archives in Fergus, you will truly enjoy  
exploring the beautiful collection to be shared at Gallery Stratford July 14th though September 24th. Mark your calendar and be sure to share with friends.

Please visit the CONNECTIONS FIBRE ARTISTS website to get to know the artists a bit better as you plan your visit through Stratford this summer.  http://connectionsfibreartists.com

54 Romeo Street South 
Stratford, ON (Canada)
N5A 4S9

Gallery Hours
10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday to Sunday
Free Admission thanks to a community supporter

Gallery Stratford is wheelchair accessible and there is plenty of free parking adjacent to the gallery; bus parking is available. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Tracey Lawko Solo Exhibition at David Kaye Gallery, Toronto Celebrates Canada's 150th

“Oh Canada! – a celebration in maple leaves” (solo)
July 6 – August 6, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 6th, 6 – 8 pm
David Kaye Gallery, Toronto, ON

Oh Canada! is a celebration in maple leaves. I have recreated this iconic symbol as textile sculpture. Each work is an arrangement of 3, 5, or 13 leaves. The life-size leaves are individually stitched and nuanced, representing the beautiful diversity of our land and people. No two leaves are the same, nor will they ever be.

I hope you'll join us for the opening:

Thursday, July 6th  6 - 8 pm

David Kaye Gallery
1092 Queen St. W. (entrance on Dovercourt)
Toronto, ON
Wed - Fri:  11 am - 6 pm
Sat - Sun:  11 am - 5pm

Friday, June 16, 2017

Enjoy reading about the terrific "POD" meetings held at the homes of SAQA Central Canada Members AL COTE and HEATHER DUBREUIL . Minutes of the Regional Meetings are below for your information as circulated by Maggie Vanderweit, SAQA Central Canada Regional Representative.

Heather Dubreuil's home in Hudson, QC

From our SAQA Representative, Maggie Vanderweit...

Hope you are ready to launch into a lovely summer time filled with adventures, creativity and fun.

I am off to the CQA conference in Toronto tomorrow so please come say hi if you are there. I’m in booth #343. Then Fred and I will be away in the Arctic chasing polar bears until late July to celebrate our 60th birthdays. I will get back to you after we return because we are off grid for a lot of our trip!

I am working with Bill Reker to get the exciting SAQA trunk show here in the fall. First we have to figure things out with the other Canadian regions. I’ll let you know ASAP what the dates are for us and then we can make a plan to get it circulating! It will be a fabulous show that can be shared with many groups.

I can feel everyone’s excitement building already about the 2020 Conference in Toronto. I will let you know as soon as I do what is happening regarding dates, venues and what the Special Events Committee would like us to do and when. It is going to be such a blast! Keep sending me your ideas as I am keeping a file of them.

Huge thanks to Heather Dubreuil (Hudson QC) and Al Coté (Niagara) for hosting the recent meetings. It was great to see so many people making the effort to travel - some for hours! - to build SAQA connections and community. No question - Central Canada is a huge area!

The minutes for both these meetings follow. Thank you so much to Kristi Farrier and Dianne Gibson for great records of our time together!

Maggie Vanderweit
Central Canada Regional Representative
Studio Art Quilt Associates

SAQA - NIAGARA PENINSULA “POD”  June 9, 2017 Meeting

Minutes of the Meeting at Al Cote's Home:

A big thank you to Al and Debbie Coté, for hosting our meeting, in Niagara Falls! It was a beautiful day and perfect for enjoying their lovely back garden.  It was also fun to see Al’s workspace and his huge quilting machine.
Maggie Vanderweit, the SAQA rep for Central Canada, chaired our meeting. Thank you so much for all of the time you’re spending to get these Canadian “Pods” up and running.

Seven members attended, with an indication that several others plan to attend future meetings.

Maggie shared SAQA news.  She discussed the excitement of attending SAQA conferences; mentioning the recent conference in Lincoln Nebraska, the upcoming conference in San Antonio and what will be the first conference held in Canada… Toronto, in 2020!  A wonderful opportunity to showcase Canada and the amazing talent base we have.  We were encouraged to begin thinking of how we might assist in planning or organizing the conference.

In order to get acquainted we shared show and tell projects and experiments that have been playing with.

Maggie began by showing her recently published book and discussing how it was an amazing process to work through so many ideas that had been gelling in her mind.  She then showed a recent art quilt “House of Refuge” (explaining her inspiration and techniques) and some beautiful ice dyeing experiments.

Harriet Rynberk discussed her current interest in working with tea bags, after being inspired by work she’d seen by Ann Laser.  Some were interested to learn that the Abaca tea bag fabric is available by the yard.

Lynne Forrester brought a richly textured piece, where she used painted and manipulated cheesecloth to create the bark of a tree and branch, surrounding a stitched pair of raccoons.  Stump work leaves added extra dimension. She also brought a collaged, cloth background she is working on, after being inspired by a Lorraine Roy workshop.

June Robinson shared some beautiful pieces.   She has been using photographs, which she manipulates in Photoshop, layers and alters, then prints onto cloth … before cutting and piecing them into her panels.  She said she’s just “mucking around”.

Dianne Gibson passed around some samples of papers that she has been creating, to use in her art … collaging, stamping, stitching and dyeing. She also brought one finished piece using a ‘chenille’ technique on paper.
Irma Bull brought two mixed media panels where she has combined fabrics, paints, stamped text, old DVD’s, poetry and even real bird wings used as the feathered wings of an angel.

Karen Sirianni passed around a pile of fabric post cards, which she is having fun creating.  She shared her basic method and says she’s had no problem sending them through the mail to her friends, who are now “collecting” these little works of art.  She also showed several small canvas panels. Tiny needle felted squares are mounted in the middle of the canvas and inspire the painted backgrounds which she develops around them.

Al Coté showed recent pieces he’s made using cloth purchased at the annual Textile Museum sale.  He has been creating entire panels, which he over dyes after all of the stitching is finished.  An interesting way to make all of the colours shift and become unified.  He’s also been exploring the use of Paverpol in his work and dimensional paints, which can look like beading.

It was very interesting to see that everyone in attendance was adding texture to their work and loved experimenting with new products and ideas.

We enjoyed a great potluck lunch then we were encouraged to make a list of some potential topics and things we might include in future meetings.

- Show and tell
- New products – discuss? /Samples? /Demos?
- Play day?
- Guest speakers (this would not be SAQA funded, so the members would pay, but it could be advertised and open to the public for a fee?)
- Williams Café in NF is a possible location for meetings, in their meeting room
- Excursions – meet somewhere to take photos then create work inspired a photo
- Al suggested an exercise he uses with students, where you are randomly given a colour, size, number and word which you must incorporate in a piece
- Possibly pairing with a group of writers… using something they’ve written to inspire a piece and perhaps giving them a piece, which they must write something about in response.
- Perhaps planning a group show- Juried?, just our pod?, Regional show?

NOTE: Calendar items...
Aug 21 – We’ll meet at Al’s – pot luck/ show & tell/ Al will discuss Paverpol
Oct 16 – We’ll meet at Dianne’s – pot luck/ show & tell ? Al, Debbie & Karen will talk about their trip to India.

The Minutes from the meeting Hudson, QC for those unable to join in on the fun:

Location: Hudson, Quebec – Home of Heather Dubreuil

In Attendance: Maggie Vanderweit (Chair and SAQA Central Canada Representative); Valerie Miller; Joyce MacDonald; Kristi Farrier; Bethany Garner; Nicole Ménard; Meredith Filshie; Dianne Robinson; Heather Dubreuil; Loree Tannett; Michéle Fitzgerald; Shirley Bailey; Helena Scheffer

NOTE:  The name for this SAQA-Central region pod will be confirmed at the next meeting. Ottawa Valley/St. Lawrence Seaway Corridor was used as a “place holder” in these minutes.

Welcome and Introduction

  • Maggie Vanderweit welcomed the group and thanked Heather Dubreuil for opening her home for the meeting. Maggie described her involvement and evolution as a member of SAQA to becoming the SAQA Central Canada regional representative for the next 2 year.
  • Maggie spoke of SAQA’s current initiative for regional representatives to assist in establishing relatively autonomous “pods” or local communities/networks o f art quilters and highlighted that the SAQA 2020 conference will be held in Toronto. It was noted that as an organization SAQA is very experienced and well oiled machine with respect to hosting the conference however ideas for a local committee may be involved are welcome. Theme of the conference is to be determined as well as dates and location within Toronto. Generally, between 200 and 300 people attend the annual SAQA conferences.
  • The SAQA 2018 Conference will be held in San Antonio, Texas and the 2019 Conference will be held in San Jose, California. Registering early is recommended to get a room in the conference hotel. Organized activities for spouses at the conference are becoming more common place.
  • The SAQA-Central Canada region blog can be found at http://saqacentralcanada.blogspot.ca/
  • Input to the blog can be sent to Bethany Garner at garner@kingston.net
  • Maggie is responsible for sharing minutes of SAQA-Central Canada meetings and newsletters.
  • SAQA brochures were made available to take and share to encourage new members. Current members who refer new members can receive reward points that can be redeemed.
  • When registering online, new members can receive a 10% discount off membership fees using the code: WKS.
  • SAQA opportunities to show and donate your work 1) trunk shows for 7”x10” 2) conference spotlight fundraising auction 6”x8” and 3) online fundraising auction 12”x12”.

Show & Tell

  • The bulk of the meeting provided an opportunity for attendees to introduce themselves and their work. Getting to know each other continued during lunch and a tea break while enjoying delicious food brought by all.
  • Maggie Vanderweit (Fergus, ON) showed her chair themed surface design on eco-dyed cloth done using a stamp made by enlarging a photograph and cutting out a template then traced on to craft foam and cut out. Once cut out the craft form motif is glued onto a firm surface such as wood or foam core.  Speedball block printing ink was used and applied with a brayer. Maggie also shared her experience of writing and publishing her book Stone Threads in 2016.
  • Shirley Bailey (Kingston, ON) showed her hand appliquéd cottage scene and two works in process incorporating hand dyed cloth and hand stitching. Shirley also mentioned that she’s been a student with Bethany Garner since 2011.
  • Michéle Fitzgerald (Lachine, QC), a printer and member of the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild, showed her baby quilts which incorporate many art techniques including printing with original designed and hand carved rubber stamps combined with piecing and machine stitching. Michéle is now moving away from creating functional bed quilts and toward wall art quilts.
  • Meredith Filshie (Ottawa, ON), owner of Canadian Beading Supply, shared a piece featuring three-dimensional silk flowers on painted canvas and incorporating embroidery techniques and beading embellishments. As well, Meredith spoke about Out of the Box, an Ottawa based fibre arts group with ~90 members and a very open and welcoming approach to experimentation with fibre. Meredith talked about the group’s color challenge where members completed 12” x 12” pieces interpreting each color of the color wheel. The challenge led to the Colour Unboxed exhibit at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum which featured 16 pieces for each color and 16 in black and white. The book printed for the show and is available through Meredith.
  • Nicole Ménard (Deux Montagnes, QC) showed her piece entitled Shivering Lines, a color study in contrast including hand-stitching and beadwork which was made for a trunk show. She spoke of her techniques to produce floral designs from photographs and using raw edge appliqué as well as employing painting and stamping. Nicole is one of four certified quilt appraisers in Canada.
  • Diane Robinson (Beaconsfield, QC) spoke of her experiences living and travelling in other countries influencing her work. While living in England she completed fibre related City and Guilds training. In 2016 she did an online Master class with Elizabeth Barton. Diane showed her piece Disappearing Edges which was created as part of the master class and reflects her interpretation of birch trees with edges disappearing into the snow. Diane also showed her line study Graphic #2 featuring machine stitching. Diane has shown her work as part of the Women’s Art Society of Montreal which only recently started showing textile art.
  • Heather Dubreuil (Hudson, QC) shared her experiences about creating 80 textile pieces within her cityscapes theme since 2012. Heather’s textile work has been featured in many SAQA, and other, publications including a 4-page article in SAQA’s Art Collector publication and was recently featured in the Winter 2017 edition of Quilting Studio Magazine published by Stampington. Heather is currently taking a break from working in cloth and is exploring abstract painting in acrylics. She anticipates a return to working in cloth with more abstract imagery. Heather spoke about the incredible boost SAQA has provided to her as an artist, including international sales, and noted there are many SAQA benefits to which she still has to tap.
  •  Loree Tannett (Perth, ON) shared that she’s lived in many locations around the world. She shared patterns of Alexis Mongeau of Perth, ON, who has started self publishing her quilt patterns. Loree, who has a sewing business and started in textile by sewing clothing and costumes, modelled the shirt she made from Nigerian block print fabric finished with vintage buttons. She also showed three art quilt pieces: Spring Comes to Alberta Over the Mountains created for a Hoffman fabric challenge;  A Narrow Fellow in the Grass employing the water color quilting technique; and Lazy Lion Lounging on a Palm Tree Beach using leather, pastels on fabric and appliqué. Loree also spoke of her experience with the JAM mentoring process through SAQA. She initiated the process however has put it on hold and hopes in the future to have a mentor in closer proximity. Loree aims to begin a series of pieces based on folk song phrases.
  • Bethany Garner (Kingston, ON) highlighted that being an art quilt educator is pre-eminent for her and took the opportunity to share the work of several other artists which she has collected over the years through the SAQA online benefit auction. As well, Bethany showed one of her own machine stitched pieces. Bethany also shared her experiences at the 2017 SAQA Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska, including her time spent at the International Quilt Study Centre where two, and possibly up to four, of her grandmother’s quilts are included in the collection. Further, Bethany shared information about the textile art program/courses through St. Lawrence College which can be found at:  http://fibreworkskingston.blogspot.ca/
  • Kristi Farrier (Almonte, ON) showed three pieces:- Epicentres which incorporates hand-dyed cotton, oil paint, and machine stitching; Spring Storm which features pastels on canvas and machine stitching; and Testing the Water #2 incorporating free-motion stitching and ink dyes.
  • Joyce MacDonald (Hudson, ON) showed some of her work which employs techniques including eco-dyeing, eco-printing, indigo dyeing and gel prints, as well as hand stitching. Joyce also uses water colour paint in her art work. 
  • Valerie Miller (Renfrew, ON) is a pattern designer and showed quilt and pillow patterns she has designed for Northcott fabrics. She also sells fabric kits for the patterns and teaches at Creative Festival. Valerie also shared a commissioned 4-piece banner she is working on that incorporates silk ties and a silk robe of the clients’ parents. The piece is embellished with beads and buttons.
  • Helena Scheffer (Beaconsfield, ON), a member of the Lakeshore Artists, showed two of her pieces which incorporate fabric collage and free-motion stitching. One of the pieces was inspired by artist Alex Janvier’s for a Twelve By the Dozen group challenge. Helena also shared that she was selected as one of 50 artists to have a piece in the Art Rental and Sales Collection of Montreal’s Stewart Hall Art Gallery. Helena’s work has been featured in SAQA publications.

Next Steps

  • Maggie shared initial plans for a 4-day SAQA-Central retreat in spring 2018 in Crieffe, Ontario. The retreat would run Monday to Thursday and include workshops. Cost is anticipated at ~$400.
  • Ideas/expectations for activities and meetings of this “pod” of SAQA members include professional development, showing work and sharing techniques to energize and inspire each other, speakers, creative activities, regional trunk shows and exhibits, and contributions for the blog such as artist interviews.
  • It was agreed that quarterly meetings would be the best timing and that meeting locations should vary to balance out the driving for members.
  • Regarding the number of SAQA central members, a map is being developed that will provide a visual representation of where members are geographically grouped.
  • Members are encouraged to share success stories with Maggie for inclusion in the regional year-end report.
  •  September was decided for the next pod meeting. Valerie will investigate date and location options in the Renfrew/Calabogie area and Kristi will look into date and location options in the Almonte area. Possible options will be shared by June 21st.

Please forward any and all news items for posting to the SAQA Central Canada blog to Bethany Garner at garner@kingston.net

Photos must be large file (2MB minimum) for posting to Blogger.

The SAQA-Central Region blog is found at: www.saqacentral.blogspot.ca

Monday, June 5, 2017

AILSA CRAIG QUILT FESTIVAL FEATURES SAQA's all Canadian artists in the beautiful " MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA" exhibition.....

Date: Thursday, June 8 - Sunday, June 11, 2017Time: 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. dailyAilsa Craig Recreation Centre,
Ye Olde Towne Hall, Ailsa Craig,
and Parkhill Carnegie Library
Cost: $10/person at the door

Please have a great visit with the MCOTW - Canada Quilts and be sure to share the information with your quilt friends and family.

More information at the Quilt Festival website:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

The hundreds of member created and donated SAQA 2017 Benefit Auction Quilts are posted on the SAQA website. Please make time to have a visit and see the truly amazing artwork!

The SAQA 2017 Benefit Auction will take place online from September 15 through October 8. 
Note that we are still in the process of adding pieces to the website and appreciate your patience! Please email auction@saqa.com if you have any questions.

SAQA Central Canada Member Art donated to the 2017 BENEFIT AUCTION to date is shared below. The Annual Benefit Auction supports the Exhibitions Schedule and movement of major SAQA exhibitions to Shows, Galleries and Museums all around the world.

We so appreciate the work that has gone into these special quilts and the dedication of the artists represented here. Thank you so much!

You may visit the SAQA website and see all of the quilts received to date here:

These small pieces of artwork will surely be appreciated as a part of collections around the world as the Benefit Auction commences

The 2017 Benefit Auction will take place from September 15 through October 8. The Auction will kick-off at 2pm ET on September 15 with Diamond Day bidding - an early bird opportunity to purchase ANY quilt for $1000.  

The 12" x 12" Auction Quilts have been divided up into three sections for bidding purposes. Each week, a different section of quilts will be available for bidding, starting at $750 and further reduced throughout the week.  

At the end of each bidding period, remaining quilts will be available for purchase in the SAQA store. Unsold quilts will also be sent to Houston for the International Quilt Market and Festival (early November). 

  • The online bidding form will be live on September 15 at 2pm EDT for Diamond Day bidding. All quilts will be available for $1000.
  • Starting September 18th at 2pm EDT, bidding starts at $750 - only pieces in the section listed will be available for bidding at this level. Each day thereafter, the price is reduced according to the chart below.
You can bid on up to 7 pieces at a time - the first bid on each piece wins.
Once the auction starts, any piece in an upcoming section can be purchased at the Buy It Now price of $1000.

Please visit the website often to see updated quilts information and make some notes in your calendar as the artwork is advertised for your bids to be received for the auction in Sept./October. Best of luck to all of the bidders supporting our Studio Art Quilts Association.