Sunday, December 4, 2016

CABIN FEVER RETREAT in February for those who need to be out and about as the dog days of winter set in...

Highway 6 just off Highway 2 in the Village of Odessa
9-5 each day
$120 for all three days, $80 for two days and $50 per one day
All the Details and Registration form (on FW Blog, right sidebar)

Wednesday the 22nd of February

We will be sharing a fun filled workshop day for quilt enthusiasts with a favourite Contemporary Quilt pattern for a great piecing adventure:

Highland Stars, created by Wendy Sheppard for the Fons and Porter "Love of Quilting" Magazine,

Seen in their October 2016 edition, this is MY bust stitch days fall quilting project and I am happy to share a full day workshop with you to get you on YOUR way to this beautiful, easy to piece quilt! I love that the quilt is traditional with a great contemporary feel. Create it with your favourite traditional (civil war?) fabrics or go crazy like I am and use your own hand dyed and printed fabrics.

With pre-cutting directions to be shared with all paid registrations you can come to the workshop all ready to start sewing and have a wonderful, big pile of blocks done by the end of the day. Keep your table for all three days and you will have a finished queen quilt by Friday!

Thursday February 23rd will be SNOW/ICE DYEING Day:

I have been loving the special effects you can get using pre-soda soaked white cotton and silk fabrics and a BIG pile of snow!!! Powdered Procion MX Dyes are sprinkled on top and the results can be really spectacular.
You CAN dye wool with this process, and Tencel, linen, hemp and ramie, rayon and cotton for sure. Fast, easy and you need just a few supplies.

Start saving those great aluminum foil roasting pans available NOW at the dollar store and pick up a few larger colanders or strainers to stash your fabric in during the snow dye technique.

All of the dyes will be furnished for a few pieces each, but you are welcome to bring your own dyes and dye to your hearts content!

Yes, you can dye Friday as well - the snow will be available and if not, we will get bag ice from the gas station. More details and supplies list will be shared with paid registrations.

Friday the 24th will be a WEAVING/KNITTING CLASSA Scarf Challenge Day!!!

For those who love to bring their table looms out and work along with friends - we will all work on a great scarf pattern together on our individual cotton warp. Looms should be dressed before the play date and bring your favourite weft bobbins loaded and ready to go! Should be able to almost finish in the full day class!

If you are a knitter - I have a terrific LINEN STITCH pattern to share with you and you can KNIT the scarf in three of your favourite colours in just a day or two!

And for our spinning friends who love to get together for a spinning day - THIS ONE IS FOR YOU! I have invited a few weaving/spinning related vendors in the area to bring some tools and yarns and threads in the afternoon and they will have visitors from the area who would like to build their stash and have some fun themselves.

PIZZA is on the menu and will be shared with all participants who will stay and play at the hall  on the Friday evening ... pizza will come at 5pm and everyone can stay as late as they like... so even if you don't weave/spin or knit and have been sewing or dyeing and  playing along with the other RETREAT days projects... stay for pizza and an evening of stitch!

Hope you will mark your calendar and join in on the fun! Registration is open... the registration form on the sidebar at the FIBREWORKS blog!

Have a great Holiday season and see if your calendar will allow you to come play!