Tuesday, October 25, 2016

(in)finite: a Canadian Textile Exhibition Call to Entry

A detail of Creation by Paul Krampitz; part of the Common Threads Indigo Quilts at Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver. Photo: Martin Knowles

(in)finite: a Canadian Textile Exhibition

(in)finite: exploring the finite limitations of humanity
and the ineffable, infinite nature of the Divine.
A Canadian Textile Exhibition
May 25 to June 4, 2017
Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver, BC

Call for entry

(in)finite: A juried exhibition inviting submissions of artwork of a spiritual nature from artists working predominantly in textile and fibre media, including perspectives from First Nations artists and a range of faith traditions.
There is something particularly powerful in the use of textiles in sacred practice – whether for personal devotion, to decorate sacred space, or to enhance worship. Textiles connect with us directly because the materiality of the cloth itself is so accessible – we all are in contact with cloth from the moment of our birth until our death. Textiles are portable, flexible, and can allow for movement, transparency, and reflection. Many textile processes are time consuming, and the creation of artwork for sacred purpose can be especially meditative. Many traditional natural dyes themselves have sacred, religious, or mystical associations.
Artists who work in textile and fibre media are encouraged to submit work designed for personal meditation, devotional use, community prayer, or public worship. Artworks that may be included in the exhibition include devotional wall-hangings, mandalas, liturgical textiles, prayer flags, banners, ceremonial robes or vestments, prayer rugs – or any other work, or the process of making of that work, that connects the artist to their understanding of the divine.
An exhibition space will be created in the chancel of Christ Church Cathedral to allow for approximately 40 works of various sizes. While most of the exhibition space will allow for wall mounted pieces, there will be some space for 3 dimensional works or works that can be displayed on a mannequin.
Exhibition Timeline
Exhibition Dates: May 25 to June 4, 2017
Call-For-Entry available: September 2016
Submission Deadline: Friday, February 17, 2017
Artists Notified by: Early March, 2017
Work selected for exhibition to be received at the exhibition venue no later than Friday, May 12, 2017. Work will be return as soon as possible following the close of the exhibition.

Specific details/information are found here for those interested in considering a submission.