Tuesday, September 13, 2016

WHY SHOULD I DONATE OR PURCHASE A QUILT FRON THE SAQA BENEFIT AUCTION???? The Auction starts Septemner 16th... mark your calendar and follow along as the excitement builds!

Many of the artists who donate the wonderful art quilts for the SAQA Benefit Auction blog about the creation of the work. Grab a beverage of your choice and click through for a heaping dose of inspiration!

More artist mini-interviews will be added as each auction section approaches. Be sure to subscribe to the SAQA blog from the link at the left so you don’t miss any news or interviews!
The auction begins at 2 pm on September 16 with Diamond Day bidding! Click here to learn how the auction works and here to see all the fabulous benefit auction artwork!

Here is a TERRIFIC statement by one of the SAQA Benefit Auction 2016 Artists... and I believe her comments say it all...

From  SAQA artist ROSA MAURAGIS: (as shared on the SAQA Blog here on September 13, 2016

Being part of SAQA is being part of a community that is growing internationally. I believe being part of a community involves both giving and sharing and not just taking.

I donated the work because it is one way of being able to share one’s work, to be visible within the organization without having to enter an exhibition. But more importantly, it is one way that I can give – support the organization.

Not all of us can provide financial support, but by giving in kind – with my art – I am able to support the organization in a way that provides financial support to the organization.

Rosa Mauragis

Many of our SAQA Central Canada members have donated work, and some of us have favourite artists work in our personal collections.

While not everyone can either donate or be a supporter through the purchase of art work, we can all contribute by sharing the links and some information with friends who will thrill at watching the Auction process evolve between September 16th nd October 9th  ...

Hoping YOU can be involved in some way to continue to support our Studio Art Quilt Association during our Annual Benefit Auction this fall...

A Reminder:


Sunday October 16th

1 pm to 3 pm

133 Lakeshore Road
Burlington, ON L7S 1A9

Karen Cummings Cummings, John Willard Artist in Residence recipient for 2015/16 will provide some insight into her 1 year Residency and you will be able to walk through her SOLO SHOW with the artist. Everyone Welcome.

RSVP attendance to:  Robynne Cole at robynnecole [at]sympatico.ca or Dwayne Wanner at
DWanner [at]sympatico.ca