Monday, September 26, 2016

MORE NEWS from our Benefit Auction and Section 2 is now open for bids...... Hooray for the huge success created by our DIAMOND DAY and Section 1 Sales supporters!

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SAQA 2016 Annual Benefit Auction 

154 pieces have SOLD so far, raising $37,300 for SAQA!
What a great start to the 2016 Benefit Auction -  all Section 1 quilts have been SOLD! This week Section 2 quilts are available for bidding.
But don't wait too long to bid! Each day at 2pm EDT, the price drops according to the following schedule:  


Check out these great selections available:   
Jeannie Palmer Moore Dianne Firth Mary Goodson Uta Lenk Heather Pregger Nancy Bardach 
Remember, every dollar raised makes our exhibition program possible. All proceeds from the Benefit Auction support sharing art quilt exhibitions at venues around the world. This year, 16 SAQA exhibitions traveled to more than 41 venues around the world (including 13 museums).
Bidding Form
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Did you know? 
  • Want to know who purchased a piece? Click through to the quilt detail page to see this information (if available).
  • We now have a page just for SOLD pieces. Remember, auction quilts that are sold will have a RED border around them.
  • Pieces from Section 3 can still be purchased for $1000 before their bidding section opens. More Details »
Again, many thanks to all of our Canadian Artists - several with beautiful work in SECTION 2!