Tuesday, June 21, 2016

St. Lawrence College's 1000 Islands SUMMER SCHOOL FOR THE ARTS 2016 welcomes students to join us for two weeks of FIBRE PLAY at our Kingston Campus July 11-15th and July 25-29th, 2016. Come Play!

St. Lawrence College offers wonderful opportunities for Fibre Arts enthusiasts during the summer months, and again this year, we will be offering two weeks of  
FIBRE ARTS focused arts courses 
at the Kingston Campus. 
Located near the waterfront in beautiful
Kingston, Ontario
Residence accommodation available on site 
Summer in downtown Kingston is a spectacular place to be!

Hand dyed cloth created at ST. Lawrence last year...used in Turning Point below

Students stay at the Campus Residences just across the parking lot from the classroom, and happily spend 6-8 hours Monday - Friday creating a luscious palette of beautifully personal fabrics as you explore all things fibre related as they explore multiple techniques:

ARTS 43 - July 11-15, 2016
* PROCION MX Dyes - Monday, July 11th
 * INDIGO technique- Wednesday July 13th
* COLOR VIE and SETACOLOR paints - Thursday July 14th
* SOY WAX BATIK and RUST DYEING - Friday July 15th
  and if there is time, marbling this year!

TURNING POINT, Bethany Garner


We start the week with dyes - and create mountains of beautifully hand dyed and painted fabrics using both FLAT DYE and DYE PAINTED (thickened dyes) technique. The dyes will remain in the classroom all week for continuous dye work as the week progresses and time permits each artist to explore to his/her hearts content! Stay into the evening and make time for stitch work as well!

REFLECTIONS,  Bethany Garner
created with a mono print technique using thickened dyes on vintage table linen

Our second class week is scheduled for the last week of July and we are again at the Kingston Campus... 

July 25-29, 2016

In this course, we will explore more hand painted art work including the use of multiple forms of dye work, painting on cloth with acrylics and exploring the special effects that can be made on sheers with watercolour and silk paints.

If you love using dye/paint work to create all new, original art cloth and want to explore multiple techniques including screen prints which allow exploration using THERMOFAX screens, this is a great opportunity for you! Bring a few friends and come for the week... so many exhibition calls are waiting for YOUR new work in the fall and into 2017 - why not create your stash of fabrics to work with alongside a classroom filled with great friends, old and new! 

How often do YOU say - I wish I had a chance to do lots of wet work, make a mess in someone else's work room, walk away from my work at night without having to put everything away and come back in the morning and get started all over again...well you can do that at St. lawrence college... 

Make time in the evening for a walk along the waterfront - a ferry ride across Lake Ontario for ice cream or dinner on Wolfe Island and explore all of the beauty and great patios and restaurants that downtown Kingston has to offer!

More hand dyed cloth in MARIPOSA, now traveling with THREADWORKS and hand dyed by Bethany Garner

Every day, your afternoons will be devoted to creating special effects with both hand and machine stitch and you will share in the chance to explore with like-minded artists his/her own special skills - this is an opportunity to create "under the influence" of your classmates and share some great tips of your own along the way!

Hope to see you in the weeks ahead! Bring a few friends...Let's PLAY!

 Registration is open and we would love to have you join us!

Bethany Garner
Instructor and Classroom Mentor