Thursday, May 5, 2016

When Canada hurts, we all help, and we hope you will make time in this next few weeks to create, or find in your stash and donate a Quilt or blanket to the Canadian friends we love in Fort McMurray...

Time to Make Bed Quilts
If you haven't made a bed quilt (or even a throw or a lap blanket) in a while, the time is now.  And if you have, it's time for more.  Dig into your stashes, recruit your long-arm buddies, and let's dig deep folks.

For more information and to donate tops, batting, time, pick-up locations, etc.:
Facebook Community: Quilts for Fort McMurray.

Please share the post for your Facebook friends or circulate to your local Quilt Guild. Many have Community Quilt Projects underway and what better cause can there be right now than covering the many hundreds of children and seniors in Fort McMurray with  caring love.