Tuesday, May 3, 2016

KAREN GOETZINGER, a truly inspirational Arts Coach and mentor arrives in Kingston May 13th for a wonderful Weekend Workshop with fibrearts friends and colleagues. Will you have time to join us in beautiful Kingston this spring session?

"Through the Haze of Mind"  thread, acrylic, charcoal on stretched canvas  16" x 48"  © Karen Goetzinger

A Note from Karen:  
Art Practice Strengthening Workshop 
for Fibre Artists
St. Lawrence College
100 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston ON
Lecture 7-9 pm, Room 12040, May 13th
Everyone Welcome
Workshop Days, Sat. and Sun. May 14th and 15th
9:30-4 pm
Room 00060
$125 Workshop Fee
There are still a few spaces left for my workshop at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario on May 14 and 15. If you are an artist working with fibre or textiles and you desire to increase your confidence in your work, make informed choices about composition, and decrease the amount of unfinished work sitting in the corner of your studio, this may just be the workshop for you. 

"Recipe and Ingredients for Brilliant Design" is like a food elimination diet. By isolating the elements of design, during the workshop you will create strong works based on a particular element and guided by principles of design. Solid applied knowledge of the Principles and Elements of Design is essential to any studio practice but especially useful at those times you find yourself stuck or unsure. So, now what?

Click here to register Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshops. You'll be glad you did. 

Bethany Garner, Fibreworks Coordinator

Registration form on the right sidebar at the Blog... print and mail to Bethany.