Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The MCOTW-CANADA and MCOTW-International Show Opening Saturday, May 21st was a stunning way to meet and greet friends, old and new! So very happy to have those who attended there with us!

The Blueberry Patch, Ann Fales, Thomasburg, ON

The Canadian Artist's quilts arrived as scheduled in April... and both Micaela at the Museum and I send many thanks to all of our artists for the MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA Show! The stunning group of 40 quilts had a 'soft opening' the weekend of May 14th for local marketing and tourism professionals in the Stratford area, and they were well received for sure!

Micaela shared her expertise in hanging the exhibitions with her staff and summer Interns, who quickly picked up the pace and were working to lay out the beautiful SAQA International quilts just as I arrived on Thursday, May 19th... and what a wonderful corridor Gallery the quilts were destined to hang in... newly painted and very well lit! The quilts will surely be admired and stand as a hugely beautiful exhibition for the three months in the Gallery at Stratford Perth Museum!

The hanging of the quilts requires special expertise, and creating the landscape of art, displayed at just the perfect height for all to enjoy, and with carefully placed balance of space between each piece, is a masterful skill that requires a chorus of small tips and tricks that professionals acquire and share with their colleagues along the way.

When the quilts are up, and properly spaced, with the lights focused to highlight the special effects created in each of the 41 International quilts by their designers, the corridor Gallery becomes a magical and awe inspiring refuge for the viewers. They walk, and contemplate the subject and the techniques, and think about the skill and daring that goes into each creation as the process starts and works through to such a brilliant finish. Several pieces were purchased on Opening Day, and the many more, all available for sale, remain languishing in the viewers minds as that one piece that perhaps they could possibly stretch the budget to secure for their collection or home. ( A price list for the work is available with your catalog purchase from the Museum).

Each of our 81 quilts is a special story in and of itself... and no two are remotely alike. That is what is so special about ART QUILTS... they tell the story, impart the feelings and memories and yes, the enormous and recognized skill of their makers. Original in design, they offer up a special feeling of content... their beautiful colour and stitch emphasizing the strengths of each artist.

As you gaze back down the corridor from back to front, the hallway comes alive, with many steps to take in careful study and with memories to keep of work that speaks to you - perhaps as a perfect example of perfectly executed stitch, or a colour palette that moves your soul - each viewer sees the art differently, and is moved to pay special attention to detail, lest they forget.

LISA ELLIS, SAQA President, was on hand Saturday May 21st to provide the Exhibitions Opening Reception welcome to all of our artists and visitors. She certainly encouraged everyone to enjoy the beautiful art work that lined the hallway and the Galleries at Stratford Perth Museum. It was wonderful to have Lisa and other visiting SAQA arts professionals with us at the Opening. Christine Nielsen, SAQA Board Member and Atlantic Canada Representative and  Margaret Blank, Western Canada Regional Representative were with us as well.

Look for the side entrance into the Stratford Perth Museum
The museum gallery is housed in a newer addition attached to a century home that is currently accommodating two beautiful exhibitions of costumes and sets from the Stratford Theatre productions... The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Myths, Magic and Messages. This is certainly another wonderful opportunity to share with family or friends some of the secrets of NARNIA or the beauty of the costumes themselves - fibre, pattern and stitch!

The catalog artwork inspired the hanging of the quilts and and labels.

Micaela and her team worked tirelessly to assemble the artwork for the MCOTW Catalog just received as the Opening happened last weekend and now  available in the Museum office.

This beautiful photo/story book shares the artwork and the artist statements and will be a wonderful snapshot of these exhibitions for years to come. Available in person or by mail, please contact the Museum staff for your copy. Order several for gifts for special friends. ($6 each)

All Canadian Art works in Lower Gallery - beautiful, each one!

The Lower Gallery in the main Museum area just to the right of the reception desk is hung with the Canadian quilts and a stunning study in colour, line, shape, form and technique. The elements created to attract the viewers are many and the fabrics speak to the stories that the artists worked so hard to tell.. the beauty of their own homeland surroundings, the lakes, the changing seasons, the landmarks and the travels we all love in this vast and different landscape that takes us across this amazing country of Canada. 

 AUGUST, Mita Giacomini

The stunning array of art works by our 77 artists is a statement to the excellence in workmanship and design savvy demonstrated in each piece.
In all of the walks through both galleries I did over the three days at Stratford Perth Museum, my heart kept taking me back to the beautiful stitch work of Canadian artist, Mita Giacomini with two pieces in the Exhibitions. Totally hand stitch!
Canadian works by Janet Scruggs, Judith Martin, Kate Madeloso and Gunnel Hag

The red wall in the Gallery certainly was a perfect backdrop for the work of our Canadian artists and called the viewers close for a look into the art work, techniques used and the magical results!

More news to follow... and hoping each of you have the chance to get to the Stratford Perth Museum between now and the September 5, 2016 closing weekend. Catalogs are available from the Museum
and you can call or write: (Our MCOTW artists have/will all receive a catalog along the way)

Stratford Perth Museum
4275 Huron Road, RR#5
Stratford, ON N5A 6S6
(Highway #8, just west of Stratford)

A view from the upper corridor into Lower Gallery Canadian to the beautiful works by artist Margaret Notar with friends Ilene Atkins, Dorothy Holdenmeyer, Judy Pearce and Nancy Winn followed by art quilts from Robin Field, Susan Tilsley Manley, Linda Coulter, Lynne McCulloch and Paula Jolly

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

SAQA Juried Artist member, Phillida Hargreaves, is joined by her sister Kate Stewart from the UK for a very special exhibition in Kingston's downtown.....

When sisters make art, especially when they are an ocean and continents apart, the work can be guaranteed to be very special...

June 15-28, 2016 
Opening Reception
Thursday, June 16, 2016
6-8 pm 
285 King Street East
at the corner of King and Clarence Streets
Gallery Hours
Mon.-Fri. 9-5 pm
Sat. 11-3 pm 


Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Please join us at STRATFORD PERTH MUSEUM for the Exhibition Opening, Saturday May 21st of the first ever SAQA Exhibition in Canada... so hoping YOU will be there with us!

The 81 quilts are being hung this week, with 78 amazing artists represented from Canada and around the world... and the Galleries at the Stratford Perth Museum are alive with colour, design and stitch... what more could you want than to be immersed in the magic of the art form we love so dearly... THE ART QUILT!

and MY CORNER OF THE WORLD, International
Opening Reception
Saturday, May 21, 2016
1-3 pm
4275 Huron St., Stratford

We are so pleased that LISA ELLIS, SAQA President
will be with us for the Opening events, as well as Regional Representatives from Atlantic, Central and Western Canada

TED'S GARAGE, Robin Laws Field

Exhibiting Artists Gathering 5-6:30 pm at the Museum

ART QUILTS will be showcased on the main floor and there are several other outstanding exhibits throughout the Museum

Please plan to join us this weekend in Stratford, or come during the summer, the Art Quilts will be on display in the Museum through September 5, 2016 

More Wonderful Exhibits for the family to enjoy while at the Museum

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe: Myths, Magic and Messages

To the Victor, the Spoils: Festival Archives Exhibit




Thursday, May 12, 2016

Exhibiting Artists invitation for the concurrent SAQA Exhibitions: My Corner of the World and My Corner of the World - CANADA.

The Exhibition Opening is May 21st, 2016 at the Stratford Perth Museum, 1-3 pm.

Exhibiting Artists Reception 
5-6:30 pm

THE Stratford Perth Museum and SAQA'S Representatives are excited to welcome the many exhibiting artists who are planning to attend the OPENING of MY CORNER OF THE WORLD and MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA Exhibitions - some traveling from as far away as Calgary and Texas.

The Invitation is open to our exhibiting artists, SAQA members, guests and friends.

Please join us for an evening reception after the museum closes to the public at 5pm. It will be an opportunity for artists and guests to spend more time together discussing their work and getting to know each other better.

Please note that this evening reception is in addition to the formal 'Opening' of the exhibition on Saturday afternoon from 1-3 pm at the Museum. Refreshments will be served. 

The reception will finish by 6:30 pm to accommodate visitors who have engagements in the evening, but of course you are welcome to stay longer and visit.

Please RSVP so that we can plan for this exciting event! 

Please contact or for information, Micaela Fitzsimmons, SPM Collections and Exhibits Manager, at

Finding us:
Address: Line 34, Stratford, Ontario N5A 6S6, Canada
Phone Number: 1 519 393 5311

SAQA logo

Thursday, May 5, 2016

COLOUR VIE Studio shares andother great workshop opportunity...


Have you always wondered how you create those stunning bleached patterns on fabric? 
Have you ever thought about what kind of patterns rusty objects could create on cloth?
For a fun and creative experience I will be teaching the Rust and Bleach” workshop 
on Saturday, May 14 at the Colour Vie studio.

You will explore the use of household bleach to create exciting one-of-a-kind fabrics in 
an inspirational and encouraging environment. 
I will show you how to create designs by immersion discharge and direct application discharge 
using in-depth techniques for clamped, tied and pole wrapped resists with the goal of establishing 
a unique line of fabrics. AND you will learn how to create rusted images on cloth. Just imagine 
the opportunity for creating personal statements on fabrics that you can use in your textile projects! 

For detailed information about this workshop as well as photographs of fabrics created at the studio 

To reserve your space simply e-mail me at 
or call me at 416- 532-7435 (local calls) or 1-877-425-8379 (toll free) 

Looking forward to seeing you at the Colour Vie studio!


When Canada hurts, we all help, and we hope you will make time in this next few weeks to create, or find in your stash and donate a Quilt or blanket to the Canadian friends we love in Fort McMurray...

Time to Make Bed Quilts
If you haven't made a bed quilt (or even a throw or a lap blanket) in a while, the time is now.  And if you have, it's time for more.  Dig into your stashes, recruit your long-arm buddies, and let's dig deep folks.

For more information and to donate tops, batting, time, pick-up locations, etc.:
Facebook Community: Quilts for Fort McMurray.

Please share the post for your Facebook friends or circulate to your local Quilt Guild. Many have Community Quilt Projects underway and what better cause can there be right now than covering the many hundreds of children and seniors in Fort McMurray with  caring love.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

KAREN GOETZINGER, a truly inspirational Arts Coach and mentor arrives in Kingston May 13th for a wonderful Weekend Workshop with fibrearts friends and colleagues. Will you have time to join us in beautiful Kingston this spring session?

"Through the Haze of Mind"  thread, acrylic, charcoal on stretched canvas  16" x 48"  © Karen Goetzinger

A Note from Karen:  
Art Practice Strengthening Workshop 
for Fibre Artists
St. Lawrence College
100 Portsmouth Ave., Kingston ON
Lecture 7-9 pm, Room 12040, May 13th
Everyone Welcome
Workshop Days, Sat. and Sun. May 14th and 15th
9:30-4 pm
Room 00060
$125 Workshop Fee
There are still a few spaces left for my workshop at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario on May 14 and 15. If you are an artist working with fibre or textiles and you desire to increase your confidence in your work, make informed choices about composition, and decrease the amount of unfinished work sitting in the corner of your studio, this may just be the workshop for you. 

"Recipe and Ingredients for Brilliant Design" is like a food elimination diet. By isolating the elements of design, during the workshop you will create strong works based on a particular element and guided by principles of design. Solid applied knowledge of the Principles and Elements of Design is essential to any studio practice but especially useful at those times you find yourself stuck or unsure. So, now what?

Click here to register Fibreworks Kingston Weekend Workshops. You'll be glad you did. 

Bethany Garner, Fibreworks Coordinator

Registration form on the right sidebar at the Blog... print and mail to Bethany.