Saturday, February 27, 2016

"SONG OF SONGS" Ehibition of Art Quilts... Opening March 28th at the Jewish Community Centre in London, ON

 Song of Songs 
Encounters Art Quilt Group
Opening Reception
March 28, 2016
7:30 pm
Jewish Community Centre
536 Huron Street
London, ON
For information: 519.673.3310 

A number of the Encounters Art Quilt Group members are SAQA ARTISTS from Israel

The book incorporated Love Songs: between a man and his wife, among family members and the love of Israel and their God.

Many verses were composed into songs that are an inspiration to feelings and emotions, describes colors and intensity, and glorify landscapes and way of life.

Each quilter chose different symbols she felt expresses the verse of inspiration in the best way: flowers or thorns, fruits (apples, pomegranates and grapes), depicted places, use traditional images and symbols to create colorful, realistic and poetic exciting quilts.

Some of the topics you'll find in this exhibition:

  • "As the lily among thorns": symbolizes Israel surrounded by a hostile environment.  

  • "My Beloved"; "Doves eyes"; "The fairest of women": an expression of a private love.

  • "Doves in the clefts of the rock": descriptions of nature viewed from a home window or caves in the desert.
  • "Refresh me with apples"; "Apple among the woods": the female's voice point of view, seductive, full of love and loaded with Garden of Eden features.

  • "And the vines in blossom give their fragrance"; "Beds of spices"; "Into the garden of nuts": Usage of the seven species to symbolize blessing and abundance, a source for love of nature.

Encounters” was established in 2009 and includes 15 Israeli Art Quilt artists. Our meetings are bi - monthly, and the emphasis in each meeting is the exchange of opinions, ideas, mutual enrichment, practice of new techniques and working toward exhibiting our works together.

Submitted by Christine Sager, SAQA Regional Representative for Europe and the Middle East with contact and information from the Israeli SAQA Members.