Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Corner of the World SAQA Exhibitions update

To all of our Central Canada members who are awaiting notification for their entries to MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA or My Corner of the World - International

Just a note today  to say another thank you for the submission of our beautiful work to SAQA's MY CORNER OF THE WORLD- CANADA (and to those who also entered the International exhibition as well). The entries received for consideration are stunning and a hugely wide representation of the talent, varied techniques and unique and beautifully orchestrated style you each brought into your work for this exhibition.

I am so pleased to share that we received a total of 116 pieces from 73 artists in Canada (just MCOTW-CANADA) and the juror has your submissions. Each piece will be viewed in the SAQA professionally developed online Juror's gallery along with your photos of each piece and its detail shot to be carefully considered as she reads and links the artist statements you sent to tell your story about YOUR "Corner of the World - Canada".

And for those who are wondering, the International MCOTW Call to Entry netted 189 pieces from 102 artists from countries around the world. So exciting!

There are many varying sizes, and pieces presented in unique shapes, and really creative layers... stunning colour palettes and so beautifully presented stitch relief on the works. How much I wonder about the thoughts that ran through your minds and across your design walls as you planned and executed this collection of very special work. The job of selecting approximately 40 pieces from this submission of entries will be a huge task, and I do not envy the process our Juror is about to undertake.

Several of our MCOTW Ontario artists have had work in SAQA Exhibitions in the past and several others have had work selected for SAQA Exhibition Calls just ended. Congratulations to those of you who will have work traveling this next year and beyond. Your ongoing support and encouragement to friends in SAQA and sharing of bits of information that may have helped them make the decision to send their entry to this Call is appreciated and celebrated by the SAQA Board!

Little do you know how many years of work went into the planning process to bring these exhibitions to Canada, and with the support of our arts-centred host venues, hundreds of Canadians will be able to see your beautiful art as it travels across the country over the next few years.

You will be notified by email later this month as the announcement of the pieces to be included in the MCOTW-CANADA and International calls go out. We will make certain that there is a "reply" request included so we know you have received your notifications.

Planning is underway for the receipt of pieces to be shipped/delivered to the Stratford Perth Museum in March 2016. The Opening Reception is planned to be May 21, 2016 in Stratford, and confirmation of that date will be confirmed with each of you as the time gets closer.

International exhibition pieces will be required to be shipped to the SAQA Exhibition shipping Coordinator, Bill Reker in Ohio...and your Prospectus for that International Call is specific about the shipping for that side of the dual exhibition.

Once again, thanks to each of you for the time, beautiful artwork and yes, the many small details that went into making sure your entry photos were excellent, that the entry reached us on time.

Please feel free to contact me with questions along the way. Good luck in the Jury process... be back to you soon.


Bethany Garner, Curator
My Corner of the World- CANADA
SAQA Co-Representative, Central Canada