Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Did you purchase a quilt during our Annual Benefit Action? We have a few wonderful quilts left in the SAQA Store.... have a peek!

SAQA Benefit Auction Update
239 pieces have SOLD so far, raising $54,250 for SAQA!
THANK YOU to all our members who created and donated the beautiful art quilts, and to all our supporters who have acquired them! All proceeds will benefit our exhibition programs and allows us to send art quilts around the world!

Special thanks to all of our SAQA Central Canada Artists...your quilts were GREAT!

We have a great selection of the beautiful quilts available for $100 in the SAQA Store.  

 Section 4 quilts will be available for purchase at the SAQA Booth at IQF-Houston (Oct 28-Oct 30 for $150 and Oct 31-Nov 1 for $100). While at the show, be sure to join us for a guided tour of Wild Fabrications and Balancing Act (more info)

Not going to Houston? You STILL have a chance to purchase a Section 4 Benefit Auction quilt.
  • You will need to contact Martha via phone (860-487-4199) before October 26 with your selection(s) and payment details
  • The piece must still be unsold 30 minutes after the booth opens on Wednesday October 28th (price will be $150)
  • If multiple people are interested in the same quilt, Martha will then draw a name from a hat.
Upcoming Deadlines
Stories of Migration - October 31
Early Bird Conference Registration - October 31
My Corner of the World - November 30
Juried Artist Applications - December 1
SAQA Journal Gallery: Landscape - Jan. 1
Tranquility - January 31
Turmoil - February 29


SAQA Central Canada  Members

Thursday, October 29th
Belleville Public Library, Classroom
1-4 pm, Third Floor
Creative Buffet at 1 pm, followed by a
Gallery Tour: Quinte Fibre Artists Show