Tuesday, September 1, 2015

SAQA Central Artist/Instructor Elizabeth Abbott shares FIBRE TO FABRICS course at St. Lawrence College this fall in Kingston...

Fibres to Fabrics  

Learn about the history and production of the fibres and fabrics you are using in your creative work. Take a closer look at the natural fibres - silk, wool, cotton and linen as well as the man-made and synthetic fibres and use them in small textile pieces. Try your hand at creating yarns and fabrics by experimenting with spinning and weaving.
Understand the construction and qualities of these yarns and fabrics to be able to use them to the best advantage and to push the limits in your fibre art. Take a second look at the possibilities of recycled fabrics and notions in your work. Create an art piece which illustrates a theme or fits within specific limits.
This is a full credit course in the TEXTILE DESIGN Diploma Program at St. Lawrence College .
Beth's work has been included in traveling SAQA exhibitions.
 Registration is through the college website at     
Course information:
Fibres to Fabrics
Course Code: ARTS125 Section: 860
Campus: KINGSTON Instructor: Elizabeth Abbott
Date(s): 9/15/2015 - 12/1/2015.
Days of Week: Tu.   Time: 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM 
Fee: $253.08 Additional Notes: 
$50 materials fee due at first class.

The course is perfect for all levels of fibre interested artists and will provide a great overview of the fibres you use n or work and those that you have never considered but will definitely enjoy adding to your inventory of go to fibres and fabrics.