Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's Sunday and you have just a few hours to make that DIAMOND DONATION of $1000 for any quilt you want in the 2015 SAQA Benefit Auction....consider it an investment in the future of our Association and your commited support of Textile Art!!!

Some of my all time favourite Artist's Quilts have sold in the Diamond Day event... and  include their photos here for you to  ponder and reflect on... exciting art work, beautiful composition and design elements and wonderful workmanship all attributed to long years of devotion to the perfection of their medium - the ART QUILT!

Have a peek at more of the Diamond Day purchases  and all of the Auction Quilts here:

Starting at 2:00 pm EST tomorrow, the quilts move to $750 price point and follow along for the rest of the week, through the Bidding Schedule below. Wishing you great luck as you consider adding quilts to YOUR collection during our Annual Benefit Auction!!!

What is the Bidding Schedule?
Each week after Diamond Day, a different set of Auction quilts is available for bidding. The bid price is reduced each day (at 2pm EDT) as follows:
$1000 $750 $550 $350 $250 $150 $100
Section 1 Sept 18 Sept 21 Sept 22 Sept 23 Sept 24 Sept 25 Sept 26
Section 2 Sept 18 Sept 28 Sept 29 Sept 30 Oct 1 Oct 2 Oct 3
Section 3 Sept 18 Oct 5 Oct 6 Oct 7 Oct 8 Oct 9 Oct 10
Section 4 Sept 18

Oct 28-Oct 30: $150* Oct 31-Nov 1: $100 *

* IQF – Houston In-Person Prices at the SAQA Booth Buyers may take their quilt when purchased

They are pretty wonderful... let's see who will bring home the first CANADIAN Artist's quilt!!!