Thursday, July 30, 2015

Please join the Kingston Fibre Artists for the Opening Reception of their Mississippi Mills Textile Museum Exhibition, Saturday, August 1, 2015

The Kingston Fibre Artists Group was formed in 1996 by Kingston area Fibre Artist, Hilary Scanlon. After eighteen KFA Exhibitions in Kingston,ON and a number shared by this 18 member Fibre Artists Group in Galleries and Museum locations across Ontario, we are pleased to announce that our retrospective exhibition TIMELESS TEXTILES will open at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte on July 28, 2015.
The artists will be present to share a ‘Walk and Talk’ with visitors after their Opening VERNISSAGE and Reception at the Museum on August 1, 2015.
2-4 pm
Having amassed a lovely inventory of stunning art created with fibre as their medium, the members of the group will share their all time favourite pieces from past shows as well as an impressive all new collection of work that will certainly delight visitors to the Museum. A wide variety of talent in the membership means that the art in this special exhibition will cover an huge array of the technique, design and personal style of our artists as you walk through the gallery.
Kit Vincent's award-winning 'Megantic' and several of her contemporary hand painted and silk works join Wilma Kenny's painted fibre pieces with text added with an airbrush, and her family 'Walking Wheel' turned art piece. You will enjoy the stunning hand embroidered and machine stitched pieces created by Phillida Hargreaves. Contemporary art created with hand dyed and painted cloth is the foundation for new work by Bethany Garner. Frankie Lemonde-Meunier will share new work that elicits the joy of designing with crochet, yarns and fabric paper in brilliant colour. Hilary Scanlon's beautiful work includes pieces monumentally important in the inventory offered by this renowned Ontario artist. Sylvia Naylor brings the strength of her so very well recognized, machine stitched landscapes and new art assemblages to the show. Robin Field shares her amazing hand hooked rug and art quilts, while artists Janet Elliott, Janine Gates, Susan Farber, Mary Ev Wyatt, Christina Barnes, Margaret Morris, Hana Sramek and Elinor Rush, all stunningly talented artists, bring you a myriad of their exciting designs using techniques in fibre in many forms including hand made felt; silk landscapes; contemporary paintings on cloth; collections of art, 8″ square made weekly over the period of a year; and certainly, the so beautiful texture of chenille art-scapes and woven ribbon pieces. We welcome Carolyn Barnett this year, as well as Peta Gillyatt Bailey and Linda Coulter, new KFA members as they join us in sharing their work.
This is an Exhibition planned to take you on a journey through the collections of truly TIMELESS TEXTILES and award winning art created by this talented group of friends. Please plan to visit the exhibit between July 28 and September 5, 2015 in the Norah Rosamond Hughes Gallery at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum.