Sunday, April 12, 2015

FIBREWORKS KINGSTON invites you to consider a weekend of creative study with renowned Ontario artist, DIANNE GIBSON

Dianne Gibson, Instructor
May 22-24th, 2015
St. Lawrence College, Kingston Campus
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We are pleased to welcome Dianne as she returns to the FIBREWORKS KINGSTON  classroom and know you will be so pleased to hear all about her new work. Dianne has been busy with CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists Group exhibitions and is assisting with the ongoing planning for the 2016 launch of the traveling exhibition with THREADWORKS.

Dianne GibsonDuring her visit with us in Kingston, Dianne will share her MIXED MEDIA ASSEMBLAGES workshop with those who have registered for their seats in this exciting hands on and creative Textile Design Workshop weekend.

With a passion for textures and a fascination with experimentation, assemblages of many fibres and textural elements are major influences on her art. She is recognized for the large scale project she organized for the Atrium of the Niagara Regional Headquarters, including her own 24' permanent installation. 

Dianne is drawn to the juxtaposition of hard-edged materials combined with the softer qualities of fibres. She consciously looks for unique combinations of materials to construct the textured surfaces that fascinate her. She says, “It’s a wonderful excuse to collect an endless array of tools and treasures, to play with.” Her students will enjoy working with her to develop their own stunning, small assemblages during their weekend with Dianne.

Those who know Dianne describe her work as stunning, and always perfectly suited to large scale exhibition space. The piece below, Undulations, was a show stopper at the Art Gallery of Burlington this past fall, hung alongside her beautiful Waterfall piece which drew many complements from the FIBRE CONTENT Exhibition's visitors.

Artist's Statement

I was taught to use a sewing machine when I was very young, but becoming a textile - mixed media artist has been a 40-year journey.

I have a passion for rich textures. Distressed papers, torched metals, abaca fibre, wood and wire have all found their way into my work. I feel drawn to the juxtaposition of these hard-edged materials, against the softer qualities of cloth and threads. I enjoy challenging the expectations of traditional textile work and am happiest when I'm experimenting with new techniques.

"I believe that art is not determined by the medium an artist uses, but how they use that medium." 



Detail, WATERFALL, Threadworks Exhibition 


Some of the “textural” possibilities  include the use of multitudes of various fabrics, papers, gauze, tulle, lace, foils, abaca or wood fibres, metal shim, wires, threads, yarns, desiccated leaves, sticks, bark, etc.

Dianne has assembled for each of the Workshop students a "Materials Bag" ($35 fee payable to the Instructor) including a selection of these types of hard to find fabrics and bits of wonderful assemblage bits. Needless to say this will be a terrific way to add to our workshop stash bits the very special fabrics and materials we do not have here in Kingston. Many thanks to Dianne.....

During the two days together in the classroom, experimentation and creating many small works can and will happen, perhaps leading to the idea for one larger, Gallery-ready piece when you return to your home studio.

Please consider marking your calendar now and plan on spending the May 22-24th, 2015 weekend in the classroom at St. Lawrence College in Kingston, ON as you study technique, design, stitch and critique with Dianne and our Workshop students.

Registration information can be found along with all of the details about Dianne's workshop weekend at the FIBREWORKS BLOG. Hoping you will join us and plan to enjoy a very creative spring weekend of fibre play!
Bethany Garner
FIBREWORKS Coordinator