Sunday, March 8, 2015

SAQA's 25th Anniversary Traveling Exhibition, Trunk E, is now in Ontario...and we would love to have you and your friends enjoy seeing the quilts.

Water Tower#4, Heather Dubreuil
SAQA Central Member
Sumac Song, Joyce McKinnon
SAQA Central Member

We are pleased to announce that the SAQA 25th Anniversary Trunk Show, TRUNK E, is in the Ottawa area until March 31, 2015. The trunk will be at the Art Gallery of Burlington for the SAQA Central Canada Regional Meeting scheduled for Sunday, April 12, 2015.The Trunk will remain in Burlington and area until June 1st. A schedule has been booked with a number of local Guilds and Fibre Arts Groups.
You may view the entire collection of 7" x 10" art quilts that are included in the Trunk E exhibition HERE . Each is a stunning small art quilt, matted and packaged in a clear envelope to protect it as it travels. Each quilt has it's Artist Statement and details in the envelope on the back to be read and enjoyed by the exhibition viewers. This is your chance to bring an interactive art quilt exhibition to your area to share with your fibre art friends.
Each of the small quilts was created especially for the 25th Anniversary Exhibition in 2014, and the 470 quilts donated were divided into 8 traveling Trunk Shows. They will travel the world until 2017, when they will be returned to the artists. 50 Quilts were selected from the total Exhibition to become a permanent collection at the National Quilt Museum  Paducah, Kentucky.
In June, the Trunk will move to Kingston for it's first display opportunity on June 3rd. The trunk will be available in Kingston and surrounding area for the summer, with a number of visits planned with  area arts/community groups and educational facilities where visitors will be able to see the 51 pieces of art through the summer. We hope to have the exhibit at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte with the Kingston Fibre Artists Exhibition from July 28-September 5th.
Trunk Show E is available to your group for a visit and we encourage you to contact our SAQA Central Canada Co-Representatives to arrange a visit to your Guild or group of friends.
Copper Water, Ellie Flaherty
Swimming Upstream, Bonnie Smith


Please feel free to contact either Dwayne Wanner or Bethany Garner, SAQA Co-Reps, for more information and to arrange a visit to your Guild or Group.