Thursday, January 22, 2015

RELAY FOR HOPE SEEKS ARTISTS in Canada... would you consider participating in this valuable experience?

Our Executive Director received this letter from the project management team, and hope that there might be quilters here who could step up to create the missing panels for the project. Knowing many of you have ties to the provinces listed in Mary Moniz's letter, we encourage you to respond if interested and able to meet their deadline.

Thanks Central Canada...

Hi Martha,
Just a quick follow up…in our quilter outreach it was again suggested that we contact your association for possible help.

We are looking for quilters/fibre artists from Canada who might be interested in participating in the Relay for Hope quilt project. We have commitments from quilters for some of the provinces but are still hoping to get commitments to complete scenic, 28” x 28” panels for Nova Scotia, Newbrunswick, Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC and the 3 territories. We are in the process of reassessing the deadlines to give the quilters more time to complete the panels.

We would really appreciate your help in posting our request on your website/blog.

Please feel free to contact me for any questions or if you would like a diagram of the quilt.

Thank you for revisiting this request and we are hoping to hear back soon.

Mary Moniz
Account Executive/Office Manager
Torchia Communications
Tel. : 416 341-9929 Ext. 221 / Fax: 416 946-1451