Friday, January 30, 2015

A MESSAGE FROM OUR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Martha Sielman and the Board of Directors of SAQA....

mySAQA is a new technology improvement designed to provide you with even better member services. You will use mySAQA to:
  • Update profile information
  • Renew memberships
  • View members-only content, including the membership directory
  • Access more details about donations, memberships and store orders
You can now access mySAQA from within the Members section of the SAQA website. For most users, your login credentials have remained the same. Please take a chance to review the information on the mySAQA information page to familiarize yourself with the new changes.

If you need any assistance, please contact


We in Central Canada are so excited to have this brand new website update to view, explore and rely on for all of our Membership, Renewal, Call to Entry, Conference attendance news and all of our information needs (all news of membership benefits, applications for JAM Status, shopping in the SAQA Store, Benefit Auction 2016 donations, etc).
Please take the time soon to visit the new MY SAQA section of our Association's website and have a good tour around!

Dwayne Wanner, SAQA Central Canada Co-Rep
Bethany Garner, SAQA Central Canada Co-Rep

Monday, January 26, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of taking a trip to QUILT WEEK in Paducah, KY ... this is your opportunity! But confirm a reservation right away...seats are filling fast!

The Limestone Quilters Guild is once again sponsoring a QUILTERS BUS TRIP to the American Quilters Society 's "QUILT WEEK IN PADUCAH" this spring,  April 20-27th.

(and I so apologize for the garbled text that came through on the email "inbox"version of this post - the trip information form is here for you)

It is one amazing trip, and a very reasonable alternative to driving yourself, booking all of your own hotels and being on your own. Who wouldn't want to be among a group of great quilters and seeing the sights, touring the Quilt Shows, visiting the amazing Quilt Show and all of the Quilt Week events in Paducah, the National Quilt Museum and so much more. You will shop til you drop, share great evenings with quilt friends old and new and have so much time on your hands to see all that Paducah has to offer....

Seats are available now!!! The bus leaves from Kingston, and by special arrangement, may be able to pick quilters up at designated points across the 401 as they are driving through to Sarnia to cross into the USA. Passports are required, and yes, a minor technicality of a special rate $15 "membership" in the Limestone Quilters Guild as detailed below (this is a sponsored trip by LQG). .

And you be back well before the QUILTS KINGSTON 2015 Show, or events that your group or Guild is planning next spring. ... make this your reward for getting your exhibition entries in right away! There is no more beautiful city than PADUCAH in April - green grass, beautiful city, hundreds of vendors to shop for quilt supplies and MORE!

Contact Trip Conveanor, Susan Clarke at:  for all of the details and be a part of all of the fun!

Note: Susan can email you a larger copy of the details sheet below...don't wait. Seats are filling fast!