Saturday, December 26, 2015

Fibreworks Kingston hosts its annual CABIN FEVER Playdate Weekend January 22-24th at the Odessa Fairgrounds...Come enjoy the fun!

Our FIBREWORKS Kingston Guest Artist for April 22-24th is the renowned LORRAINE ROY from Dundas, ON, and she posted this beautiful Christmas Quilt on her Facebook page with great New Year/Holiday wishes to friends and Lorraine Roy art enthusiasts and the message below:

Merry Christmas! Peace, Joy, Love to you and your friends and families. Be sure to enjoy the rare full moon this year!

We hope you will make time in your calendar to spend time with Lorraine at St. Lawrence College and enjoy a weekend focused on her "Tree Series" Workshop. Details are on the sidebar.

January 22-24th, 2016

As January can be the month when we all are feeling a bit of a let down and a stirring feeling of Cabin Fever... we have reserved the Odessa Fairgrounds Hall once again for a weekend of fibre play Open to everyone!  
The Fee for the entire weekend (3 full days) is $60 
(and yes, the fee applies whether  you come for 1, 2 or all three days - just to help pay the hall rental)

Happy New Year - come help me celebrate 2016!

You can come and work on whatever your heart and sewing calendar allows... 

Possible projects:

- Sewing/Embroidery/ Projects and UFO's

- Weaving or spinning projects - love to have the spinners out and perhaps the Tapestry Weavers!!

- Plan a great outfit for spring or stitch up some home decor to be ready for spring

- Work on your entries for up coming Exhibitions (Quilt Canada, THREADWORKS, a SAQA Show... KFA?

-  Play with some Modern Quilt Projects (Modern Quilt group members so very welcome) ... or work on catching up on your Quilt Guild Block of the Month project a treat from me, we will start the weekend by including a full day of 

SNOW/ICE Dyeing on FRIDAY January 22nd... 

All dye supplies (except your fabric) will be furnished - the dyes, the auxiliaries (soda ash for your fabric) and the table cover will all be in place and ready for you! 

The process is fun and easy and can work around all of the other projects you will be working on over the weekend... This project will be shared on FRIDAY morning (you will LOVE IT) and you can use my dyes all the rest of the weekend. (and yes, I will share the process on Saturday and Sunday too! Just in case you can't come Friday!)

YOU will need a bucket or dishpan for each batch with a screen or other "elevating" device in the bottom to keep the fabric from sitting in the dye. 

You will also need to bring your 1/2 to 1 metre pieces of fabric, washed and ready to dye. We will soak in Soda Ash at the workshop 

In case there is no snow, we will be using ICE CUBES which create amazing patterns...


** The workshop days will run 9-5 pm every day -  Friday the 22nd, Saturday the 23rd and Sunday the 24th  9-5 each day so just enjoy some fun with like minded stitchers!

**as this is not a "class" weekend except for Friday come when you can and stay as long as you want.

 Treats will be in the kitchen all weekend, a few power bars and lots of tables for your biggest projects!

Please copy and print /complete the  Registration Form and mail to Bethany Garner at 3275 Orser Road, Elginburg, ON K0H1M0 (on the sidebar at the Fibreworks Blog)

Hoping to see lots of you come out and join us at the Odessa hall January 22-24th... Its a New Year and we all need some time with friends after the flurry of the busy fall 2015 and the holiday shopping and planning/baking.

Please feel to call or email Bethany with questions...(seats will be held and the supplies list for Snow Dyeing sent with paid registration!)

613-376-6150 or

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Please plan a lovely winters drive to downtown Belleville for the Exhibition 'CELEBRATE THE SEVEN' which includes the beautiful work of the CONNECTIONS Fibre Artists...

Hoping you might  connect with a friend and make time for a drive to Belleville
January 7 and February 11, 2016

The John M. Parrott Gallery 
is on the third floor of the Belleville Pubic Library
Hours listed on the card detail above....

Please enjoy the beautiful hand and stitch work of our award winning 
many of whom you may know as friends from SAQA or area Stitchery/Quilt guilds
 and the many Exhibitions the members have been involved with in Ontario and beyond.

Please feel free to click on the art cards here, save in your photo organizer and forward the information to friends in your area.

Happiest New Year to each of you - See you in 2016!

Thursday, December 10, 2015

SAQA artist ROBIN FIELD of Kingston, ON joins friend and fellow artist DIANE LANDRY in new Exhibition at Mississippi Valley Textile Museum

A new exhibition premieres this week at the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum in Almonte.

focuses on the mixed-media works of artists Diane Laundy and Robin Laws Field, which bring together the diverse fields and media of architecture, photography, quilting and clay. 

You can see the show starting today, but the official opening is:

 Saturday, December 12 
 2pm to 4pm 
In the Norah Rosamond Gallery, Main Floor
Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
3 Rosamond St., Almonte, ON

Robin Laws-Field was searching for a new approach to her fibre art as she zoomed her camera lens in on the textured surfaces of sites she was visiting.  She suddenly realized that she had discovered a new way to create abstraction in her work. The images in this exhibition come from sites around the globe and all focus on surfaces: peeling paint on a shutter in Turkey or footprints in the sands of India.  She interprets these with a range of media from paint and dye to clay and yarn, always incorporating a threaded needle wending its way through the composition.


Surface Fabrications


LaundyComposite 2

8 December, 2015 ~ 13 February, 2016

“Woven Photography” 
Diane Laundy

If you think that architecture and quilting seem unrelated, think again. Once you experience the Mississippi Valley Textile Museum’s new exhibition, you will never look at a building the same way! “Surface Fabrications,” which opens on December 8th, features the work of artists Diane Laundy and Robin Laws-Field.

Laundy99-Architectural Composite

Diane Laundy brings the eye of a photographer and the design sensibility of the quilter to the skyscraper, where she discovers poetry, playfulness and patterns of beauty and originality.  “There is an inherent sense of order and structure in both quilting and architecture,” says Laundy, “that lends itself to the creation of pattern and rhythm. I approach architecture as a fabric to be cut and shaped by my viewfinder, and patterned and embroidered by the world around it.” Laundy presents her creations on archival paper and silk and suspends them from rods hung as quilts are hung.


Hope to see you at the Opening...
Everyone welcome...
Open Hours:
Tuesday to Saturday: 10 am to 4 pm.
Children under 12 are always free
Admission $7.00
Members admitted without charge

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Staff
Executive Director / Curator: Michael Rikley-Lancaster, (curator(at)

President of the Board: Kathy Priddle, (president(at)
Space Rental Coordinator: Barb Dickson, (rentals(at)
Volunteer Coordinator: Barb Dickson, (volunteers(at)
Marketing Coordinator: Jill Moxley, (marketing(at)
Website content and technical issues: Mel Turner, (webmaster(at)
 Phone: (613) 256-3754

My Corner of the World SAQA Exhibitions update

To all of our Central Canada members who are awaiting notification for their entries to MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA or My Corner of the World - International

Just a note today  to say another thank you for the submission of our beautiful work to SAQA's MY CORNER OF THE WORLD- CANADA (and to those who also entered the International exhibition as well). The entries received for consideration are stunning and a hugely wide representation of the talent, varied techniques and unique and beautifully orchestrated style you each brought into your work for this exhibition.

I am so pleased to share that we received a total of 116 pieces from 73 artists in Canada (just MCOTW-CANADA) and the juror has your submissions. Each piece will be viewed in the SAQA professionally developed online Juror's gallery along with your photos of each piece and its detail shot to be carefully considered as she reads and links the artist statements you sent to tell your story about YOUR "Corner of the World - Canada".

And for those who are wondering, the International MCOTW Call to Entry netted 189 pieces from 102 artists from countries around the world. So exciting!

There are many varying sizes, and pieces presented in unique shapes, and really creative layers... stunning colour palettes and so beautifully presented stitch relief on the works. How much I wonder about the thoughts that ran through your minds and across your design walls as you planned and executed this collection of very special work. The job of selecting approximately 40 pieces from this submission of entries will be a huge task, and I do not envy the process our Juror is about to undertake.

Several of our MCOTW Ontario artists have had work in SAQA Exhibitions in the past and several others have had work selected for SAQA Exhibition Calls just ended. Congratulations to those of you who will have work traveling this next year and beyond. Your ongoing support and encouragement to friends in SAQA and sharing of bits of information that may have helped them make the decision to send their entry to this Call is appreciated and celebrated by the SAQA Board!

Little do you know how many years of work went into the planning process to bring these exhibitions to Canada, and with the support of our arts-centred host venues, hundreds of Canadians will be able to see your beautiful art as it travels across the country over the next few years.

You will be notified by email later this month as the announcement of the pieces to be included in the MCOTW-CANADA and International calls go out. We will make certain that there is a "reply" request included so we know you have received your notifications.

Planning is underway for the receipt of pieces to be shipped/delivered to the Stratford Perth Museum in March 2016. The Opening Reception is planned to be May 21, 2016 in Stratford, and confirmation of that date will be confirmed with each of you as the time gets closer.

International exhibition pieces will be required to be shipped to the SAQA Exhibition shipping Coordinator, Bill Reker in Ohio...and your Prospectus for that International Call is specific about the shipping for that side of the dual exhibition.

Once again, thanks to each of you for the time, beautiful artwork and yes, the many small details that went into making sure your entry photos were excellent, that the entry reached us on time.

Please feel free to contact me with questions along the way. Good luck in the Jury process... be back to you soon.


Bethany Garner, Curator
My Corner of the World- CANADA
SAQA Co-Representative, Central Canada

Saturday, November 28, 2015

MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA entry deadline is looming... will your amazing art be with us?

Greetings to all of our Central Canada SAQA members! Here is hoping you are all in your studios putting the finishing touches on your entries for both the MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA Exhibition open to Canadian SAQA members only...and the International Call for MY CORNER OF THE WORLD.

Remember: Our Canadian members may enter BOTH exhibitions and we certainly encourage you to do just that! The deadline is Monday, November 30th at 11:59 pm - And the Online Entry links are below!

Here are the links for the Prospectus/registration and entry page where you register your piece online:
All Canada members Exhibition: (please scroll all the way to the bottom for your links for actually entering the show:
The International MY CORNER OF THE WORLD Exhibition:

A Few Tips: ( Entry fee to the shows)

Fee: $40 USD for up to three (3) entries. (and you can do this as you review the Prospectus page using the Pay Now button or at the end of completing your registration.
Members must pay their fee(s) using a credit card (MC, Visa or Amex) through the SAQA website: and you can before or during your Exhibition Registration process...

Fee must be paid along with submittal of this form before entry deadline listed in the Calendar table above: 11:59pm Monday November 30, 2015

Here is a great link for a photos and forms tutorial from SAQA!! Take a few minutes to watch this - so helpful!

Don't Forget Before You Start the Entry Process:
1) Preview the registration form so you can gather the photos and information you need
2) "Proceed to step 1" where you will actually start the entry
3) Make sure all of your photos (full shot showing the edges and a detail  are named with your (see the photo rules below)
4) Have your credit card ready to pay the fee online
5) After the registration is complete, your registration notification will come to me and I will confirm back to you...

PHOTOS  - And here are the guidelines for the photos: (important)
  • Submit one overall DIGITAL image and one detail DIGITAL image for each piece of artwork in the portfolio.
  • Save your digital images as a high quality JPEG file (No TIFF files).
  • Finished image should be at least 2100 pixels on the longest side and not to exceed 4200 pixels. (some of the quilt entrants used ONLY the 2100 pixel statement and did not go ahead and read that the files can be larger/higher resolution - the 2100 is a minimum)
Special Note:
We encourage you to send the best photos you can. Remember that the images you send are the only representations of your work the juror will see when considering your entry. It is strongly recommended that you have professional shots taken of your work. Photos should be in sharp focus, showing all sides of the art quilt, well lit, with correct color and no distortions. For more information on how to properly photograph your work, please refer to the guidelines on the SAQA website.

To date we have 49 wonderful quilts entered... and while I have not see photos, the artists statements that are included in the quilt registrations are a stunning representation of the artists we are so proud of here in our Central Canada SAQA family. Thank you Central Canada artists...

Hoping YOU are working this weekend to finish and submit your Exhibition Registration. Best wishes to our artists as we approach the December Jury Process.

Your Exhibition acceptance notifications will follow as soon as I receive the list of accepted artists for the Canadian Show.  Heather Pregger, Intl. Show Curator  will be responding to artists for the International MCOTW exhibition. Many thanks to each of you for your commitment to SAQA and our mission to share ART  with the world. We are blessed to know and be able to work with each of you!

Bethany Garner, Curator
Regional Co-Representative, Central Canada

Saturday, November 7, 2015

So here we are at the 7th of November, 2015 and the first of the entries for MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA are starting to arrive in my notification box as Exhibition Curator - WILL YOU BE ENTERING YOUR WORK? We so look forward to seeing what our Canadian SAQA Artists have been working on for the past 5 months since the prospectus was released!

NOVEMBER 30th, 2015 Entry Deadline...
At our main website you will find the result of many long months of negotiations and planning for the first ever ALL CANADIAN ARTISTS SAQA Exhibition scheduled to premier at the Stratford Perth Museum, Stratford, Ontario in May 2016.

Special thanks go to Martha Sielman, our Executive Director, Gwyned Trefethen, Chair, SAQA Exhibition Committee and her entire team, to William Reker, SAQA Traveling Exhibition Coordinator, and most importantly, to MICAELA FITZSIMMONS, our steadfast negotiator and Canadian liaison for both the all Canada (Regional) Exhibition and International MCOTW Exhibition. Micaela has been selected to act as Juror for both the International and Canadian traveling exhibitions.

Also, very special thanks go to Christine Nielsen, SAQA Regional Representative, Atlantic Canada, who carried the appeal to the SAQA Board of Directors that Canadian members of SAQA were keen to support an ALL CANADA SAQA members exhibition... a very special Exhibition that would speak to the majesty, diversity, cultural values and strong partnerships that exist all across Canada, supporting the Arts, and in our case, particularly the Fibre Arts as members of Studio Art Quilt Associates.

We once again invite each and every one of our Canadian SAQA members to consider the Call for Entry at  and to FINISH their very special quilts, destined to be a part of this truly wonderful Exhibition opportunity.


The SAQA 'All Canada' (Regional) Exhibition

You are invited, as a Canadian artist, to create a glimpse of the spirit of Canada; to convey through your art something true, meaningful and important about our beautiful country and its people. We are excited by the thought of galvanizing our creative community to express and share, through this exhibit, our vision of Canada.

Few countries are as richly blessed as ours in geography, humanity, diversity, and artistic tradition. A vision of your corner of Canada might capture a vignette of everyday life or a unique landscape. Perhaps it is a reflection on the mosaic of Canadian peoples or draws on some iconic feature of Canadian history or ideals. Whether reverent, reflective, funny or whimsical, the story you tell should embody the Canadian experience from your unique corner of this land.

Daring to capture the ocean in a cup, you might look for inspiration to the great masters of Canadian artistic expression, visual artists, musicians and writers who have interpreted an essential feature of Canadian life with such perfection that it reflects something authentic about the whole country.

Your artwork can be representational or take an abstract approach. Let the cloth speak to the viewers. We are eager to see what the hearts, minds and skills of Canadian textile artists will craft as a woven love song to this unique and beautiful land.

AND  please know that this is not the only exhibition opportunity offered to you, our Canadian members:

TWO PART EXHIBITION coming to Stratford Perth Museum in May of 2016

At the same time, SAQA has posted the INTERNATIONAL CALL and Prospectus for the partner exhibition opportunity to open at Stratford next spring.

MY CORNER OF THE WORLD is open to all members of SAQA around the globe, (and yes!!! our Canadian members may submit entries to both concurrent Exhibition Calls for Entry).

While the Canadian (Regional) Exhibition will tour Canada for up to two years (and may have the opportunity to travel to Europe), the International Exhibition will tour not only in tandem with the Canadian Exhibition while here in Canada, but will travel in the United States as opportunities become available.


All of the juried quilts will premier at STRATFORD PERTH MUSEUM in Stratford, ON in May of 2016 and travel for at least two years. 

Dreams do come true... and how very exciting this opportunity can be for each of our members across Canada.  We hope you will join your fellow SAQA members here and abroad in making these two exhibitions a reality!!

We encourage you to share the news with your friends in Canada who are  SAQA members, and invite friends and colleagues to consider membership in SAQA so they too may take advantage of this opportunity to speak to Canadians across the country with their Art ...

Thanks once again to the entire Exhibitions Committee/SAQA Board team... and we join them in looking forward to your participation!

All of the information, and the Exhibition Prospectus outlining the entry details may be found at
and on the Call for Entry pages HERE

Bethany Garner,
My Corner of the World CANADA, Exhibition Curator
SAQA Co-Representative, Central Canada
Dwayne Wanner,
SAQA Co-Representative, Central Canada

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

TRACEY LAWKO's stunning stitched quilt "SPRING THAW" will be included in ART QUILT ELEMENTS 2016 in Wayne, PA this spring....

We are pleased to extend our congratulations to SAQA Central Canada member  Tracey Lawko.
 Her beautiful stitched landscape “Spring Thaw” has been accepted into
Art Quilt Elements 2016
The exhibition runs from March 18 - April 30, 2016 

Wayne Art Center
413 Maplewood Ave
Wayne, PA 19087

For those of you attending the SAQA CONFERENCE "INSPIRE, CONNECT, ENGAGE" in Philadelphia, please join Tracey in attending the “Meet the Artists” Reception 
on Saturday April 2nd from 1 - 4pm.

Tracey's art has been selected along with many other well recognized artists for this outstanding exhibition. Art Quit Elements is shared at the Wayne Art Centre every other year.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

SAQA Co-Rep, Dwayne Wanner and Robynne Cole to invite you to attend the next SAQA CENTRAL CANADA Regional Meeting....

Please join us for our 
Sunday Nov 15th , 2015
from 1:00 to 3:00 
 Art Galleryof Burlington  
1333 Lakeshore Road
 Burlington, ON.

Mita Giacomini will join us to demonstrate details of her reverse couching/weaving technique which she brought to our April “Show and Tell”. She will also share a trunk show of some of her pieces. You can get a glimpse of Mita’s work on this website; she is one of 53 artists participating in a recent Surface Design Association exhibition.

There is a $5 charge per member and any guests, which includes a draw ticket for prizes. 

We need to manage our room arrangements with the AGB, so please RSVP if you are coming, your regrets are not necessary,

Nancy Proctor, a SAQA member from Bayfield Ontario suggested an interest in car pooling with anyone from her area.  If you want to pursue that reply to me and I will forward your contact information to her.

We trust many of you are busy working on entries for both the SAQA all Canadian Artists Regional Exhibition  'My Corner of the World- CANADA and the accompanying International Artists Exhibition 'My Corner of the World'  Call for Entry deadline of November 30th, 2015 and hope your calendar will allow you to take time out to join us.

All of the details FOR BOTH EXHIBITIONS is available HERE

A pdf copy of the Exhibition prospectus for either or both shows is available from SAQA Regional Co-Rep for Central Canada,Bethany Garner at

We look forward to seeing you at the Nov 15th meeting!
Robynne Cole, Assistant
and Dwayne Wanner, SAQA Co-Rep

P.S. There are 3 spots left in a Quilted Rug/Wall Hanging workshop with Al Cote on November 8th at the Art Gallery of Burlington. If anyone is interested here is a website you can go to, or email if I can help with more information. to the very bottom of this link.

Driving Directions to Art Gallery of Burlington

From Niagara or Hamilton East – Take the first exit (Northshore) at the north end of the Skyway Bridge. Keep to the right, pass the Joseph Brant Hospital and Maple Ave. Turn left at Brock Ave and make an immediate right into the driveway of the Art Gallery of Burlington. If you miss the driveway, continue to the corner of Brock and Elgin and make a right – enter the parking lot on your right.
From Toronto or Hamilton West – Take QEW Niagara and exit at Northshore Blvd. Turn left at the end of the ramp and continue under the QEW. You will pass the Joseph Brant Hospital and Maple Ave. Turn left at Brock Ave and make an immediate right into the driveway of the Art Gallery of Burlington. If you miss the driveway, continue to the corner of Brock and Elgin and make a right – enter the parking lot on your right.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Please mark your calendar and join your SAQA Central Canada friends from Toronto East for our 

Thursday, October 29th
to be held in the meeting room 
John M. Parrott Gallery 
Third floor 
Belleville Public Library
254 Pinnacle Street (downtown)
1-4 pm

The Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery
This meeting will be the first in the area this fall, and we hope many of our area members will plan to be in attendance.  

Please try to car-pool and take advantage of the lovely fall weather, and the opportunity for the Gallery Curator and participating artists led tour through the QUINTE FIBRE ARTISTS Exhibition "SEEKING THE LIGHT".

The Opening Reception for the QFA show is at 6:30 pm and we hope many of you might enjoy dinner at a downtown restaurant and support the Quinte Area SAQA members as they share their new work. Wonderful to have fibre art on display at the time of the meeting for all to enjoy.

- As always, our SAQA Regional Meeting Agenda is open for your contribution/suggestions through October 25th, with a final distribution of Agenda on October 25th to those who RSVP attendance.

Email Agenda items to by Oct. 25th, please and thanks.

- We will start the meeting with our ever popular CREATIVE BUFFET of sharing of YOUR artwork promptly at 1 pm. This sharing time gives all of us the opportunity to meet members artists, and become aware of the work being done locally. 

Please plan to bring some of your newest projects and share.... and your camera!


- We are hoping that MANY of you are busy in your Studio working on your entries for the exciting MY CORNER OF THE WORLD - CANADA and MY CORNER OF THE WORLD (Int'l) SAQA Exhibition Calls to Entry with the deadline of November 30th.  Do share what you are working on... and bring your pieces that need some critique or advice/celebration by your fellow SAQA members.

A large portion of our meeting agenda will be devoted to planning, sharing and general discussion of this major project for SAQA Canada artists - the fast approaching deadline for these two exciting shows.

Here are the links to the Calls to entry:

Planning for the shipment/delivery of local pieces to Stratford Perth Museum in March next spring will also be a topic for discussion. If you are able to act as a collection point/delivery driver for area work, please plan to put that in writing for the meeting in Belleville Oct. 29th...

- We will also discuss attendance at our SAQA Conference in Philadelphia, PA in 2016 (and the link for all the detail is in the Conference title below)

 Inspire * Connect * Engage

Join us in Center City Philadelphia from March 31 - April 3, 2016 for a conference full of informative talks, presentations, networking and socializing opportunities. Come early and stay after the conference to enjoy all that Philly and the surrounding area has to offer. 
Early Bird registration is now open for the 2016 Conference!  


Please RSVP your attendance to the October 29th Belleville Regional Meeting to Bethany Garner: by October 25th please, so we can advise the Gallery for appropriate tables/chairs needed. Treats and cold drinks provided. Plan to provide you $5 cash donation to the Gallery in lieu of rental that day.
Quinte Fibre Artists
  "Seeking the Light "
From October 29 to November 26
 Belleville Public Library, third level 
 254 Pinnacle St., downtown Belleville, ON

Meet the artists at the opening reception on Thursday,
October 29, from 6 to 7:30 pm.
Returning for their seventh biennial exhibition, this year with a selection of art which promises to be a celebration of the interplay of colour and texture with light. Originally formed by Joan Reive
and Jane Sheppard as an adjunct to the Belleville Art Association, around 1986, the group has kept their numbers small to enable meeting in each others homes, to support and learn from each other. This 2015 evolution of the group consists of 12 members: Joan Reive, Ann Fales, Sabina McLuhan, Marianne Sanders, Pat Sztuke, Mary Andrews Minigan, Carol Peterson, Marta Smith, Marion Casson, Bethany Garner, Karen Kaiser and Marta Mouka. 
Mary Andrews Minigan describes the Quinte Fibre Artists as: “...a diverse group of artists,  working variously with fabrics and fibres using dyes, paints and techniques, including felting, hooking, doll making, quilting and needlework.”  

And of course, we will have a delightful display of Manly MacDonald paintings on display in Gallery Three, some amazing local photography in the corridor, some fabric art by our local fibre artists and an ever-changing selection of local fine crafts in the Parrott Gallery Shop. 
For further information, please call
613-968-6731 ext. 2240 or visit
Gallery Hours 
Monday - Closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 9:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.  
Thursday - 9:30 a.m. - 8 p.m. 
Saturday - 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Did you purchase a quilt during our Annual Benefit Action? We have a few wonderful quilts left in the SAQA Store.... have a peek!

SAQA Benefit Auction Update
239 pieces have SOLD so far, raising $54,250 for SAQA!
THANK YOU to all our members who created and donated the beautiful art quilts, and to all our supporters who have acquired them! All proceeds will benefit our exhibition programs and allows us to send art quilts around the world!

Special thanks to all of our SAQA Central Canada Artists...your quilts were GREAT!

We have a great selection of the beautiful quilts available for $100 in the SAQA Store.  

 Section 4 quilts will be available for purchase at the SAQA Booth at IQF-Houston (Oct 28-Oct 30 for $150 and Oct 31-Nov 1 for $100). While at the show, be sure to join us for a guided tour of Wild Fabrications and Balancing Act (more info)

Not going to Houston? You STILL have a chance to purchase a Section 4 Benefit Auction quilt.
  • You will need to contact Martha via phone (860-487-4199) before October 26 with your selection(s) and payment details
  • The piece must still be unsold 30 minutes after the booth opens on Wednesday October 28th (price will be $150)
  • If multiple people are interested in the same quilt, Martha will then draw a name from a hat.
Upcoming Deadlines
Stories of Migration - October 31
Early Bird Conference Registration - October 31
My Corner of the World - November 30
Juried Artist Applications - December 1
SAQA Journal Gallery: Landscape - Jan. 1
Tranquility - January 31
Turmoil - February 29


SAQA Central Canada  Members

Thursday, October 29th
Belleville Public Library, Classroom
1-4 pm, Third Floor
Creative Buffet at 1 pm, followed by a
Gallery Tour: Quinte Fibre Artists Show

Monday, October 12, 2015

2016 SAQA Conference in Philadelphia: Inspire * Connect * Engage


EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION (and savings on the registration fee) ENDS OCTOBER 31st.... 

Hoping MANY of our Central Canada Members will join me and and have some ART FUN in Philadelphia  March 31 - April 2nd, 2016. Pre and post conference events are planned....

Join us in Center City Philadelphia from March 31 - April 3, 2016 for a conference full of informative talks, presentations, networking and socializing opportunities. Come early and stay after the conference to enjoy all that Philly and the surrounding area has to offer.

Check out all the great things about Philly »

Early Bird registration is now open for the 2016 Conference!

SAQA's organizing committee is finalizing a full schedule of events, covering a wide range of topics. Based upon YOUR input, we are including more time for networking and interacting with other members. Learn More » 

Here are some highlights:
NOTE *** The Barnes Foundation is a hugely wonderful Gallery/Exhibition space and not to be missed! And, taking the bus trip to Wayne PA for Opening of Art Quilt ELEMENTS is a great experience). And the speakers panel for 2016 is STELLAR!


Carolyn MazloomiMaria ShellDavid KohaneKathyrn Loomis

Scheduled Speakers: Carolyn Mazloomi, Maria Shell, David Kohane and Kathleen Loomis

Hotel Information

The 2016 Conference will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Center City Philadelphia. Click here for more information on how to reserve your room today.

NOTE: (Bethany already has a double room reserved and is driving down and looking for a room-mate to share the expenses - interested???)

 Do you have a question about the Philadelphia area? Want the inside scoop on some local activities? Then contact, our SAQA team of Philly experts.

Monday, October 5, 2015

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION: Opportunity not to be missed... JUDITH MARTIN'S "Meditation Panels" Workshop in Gros Morn, NFLD - a gift from a SAQA friend who cannot attend.

Dear SAQA Central Canada Members.....

I am gifting my Conference Package -  my fully paid seat at Judy Martin's  workshop, and am offering this to a SAQA member who can arrange right away to get to Newfoundland and take part.

Meditation Panels
When: October 16,17,18  2015  - Morne National Park 

The workshop is a "quiet" workshop.  The four large panels on which it is based are stunning hand stitched and quilted works made by community members working with Judy on Manitoulin Island. They were shown earlier this summer in Kitchener and were part of the World of Threads show in Oakville.

This Workshop opportunity is part of Fibre Arts Newfoundland Conference scheduled for NEXT WEEK in Newfoundland - and what a truly special opportunity to have three days of concentrated time with Judy and other students in the workshop weekend: More Details at the link here:

Read more about them on Judy's blog:  

Link to the workshop: 

Please go to the links above and verify all times and dates at
in the Fibre Arts Newfoundland website!

Contents and value of this generous offer from Carole: 

Three Day Workshop Registration $570
Bus from St. John's to Gros Morne $80 October 15th 
Bus from Gros Morne to Deer Lake Airport $60 October 19th 
Bus from accommodations at Gros Morne to workshop, park, studio tour $60 
Dinners on Thursday, Friday, Saturday approx $100 

You will need to pay your own transportation to Newfoundland and accommodation, plus dinner Wednesday Evening. (and I had booked myself in to the Fisherman's Landing Inn which is the Conference Centre. )
If you are interested  and able to accept this very special gift
please e-mail Carole ASAP at:

Posted by Bethany Garner, SAQA Regional Co-Rep, Central Canada after a contact from Carole today.