Thursday, December 4, 2014

A project note sent to our Executive Director, Martha Sielman...

Please respond to Mary Moniz directly if you are interested in participating as an artist in this project.....
(Martha has asked that all Canadian Representatives share the information with SAQA members in Canada who might like to be involved.)

Hi Martha,
You were referred to us by Margaret Blank, one of your members from Alberta, Canada.
I work for a family-owned and operated PR firm based out of Toronto and Montreal, and am writing to you today because one of our clients has amassed an all-star group of organizations to work together on a remarkable cause-related program in 2015. Together with our client, we've struck a deep-rooted partnership with the Canadians Aids Society (CAS) and the Elton John AIDS Foundation in an effort to run across Canada in 2015 educating Canadians on the new realities re: HIV/AIDS and raising money for related programs in Canada and developing countries. 
The initiative is in its final stages and we’re exploring opportunities with quilting organizations in creating a quilt to commemorate the run and to help raise funds for HIV/AIDS. We have reached out to the Canadian Quilters Guilds - for a chance to be part of the Canadian history and to seek their assistance/expertise in developing a quilt created for silent auctions. The quilt would travel across Canada with the runners and is the highlight of our relay.  
We’re hoping to find a way to enlist the support of your Canadian members in creating a 12’ x  12’ quilt by April 1st, 2015.
Not only will this quilt travel across Canada, provincial dignitaries and general public will be signing off on this quilt as well. In addition of this quilt being recognized as the nations 'first-ever' quilt designed for the Aids relay, the quilt will also find a permanent home at a designated museum.
Please know, right off the top, the extent to which we appreciate your time. I’d be grateful if you would consider chatting with me about this? Please feel free to contact me.
Thank you so very much.
Mary Moniz
Account Executive/Office Manager
Torchia Communications
Tel. : 416 341-9929 Ext. 221 / Fax: 416 946-1451 
Strategic Counsel in Public Relations / Conseils stratégiques en relations publiques
366 Adelaide St. East, # 337, Toronto/ON M5A 3X9