Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Toronto West SAQA group meeting at Art Gallery of Burlington Sunday November 16th. RSVP your attendance....

Hello SAQA Central Canada Members
The Sunday November 16th meeting from 1:00 to 3:00 in the Mezzanine Room at the Art Gallery of Burlington at 1333 Lakeshore Road is fast approaching.  If you have yet to confirm your attendance, please let me know, our numbers so far are strong, so we will definitely be hosting a meeting. 
Our agenda of Show and Tell is very important, do not be shy, bring your work or work in progress to share, everyone can learn from each other.  Come prepared to share details about exhibitions or call for entry opportunities.  We can exchange ideas on future meetings and also openly discuss the 2016 show, while things are still fresh in our minds.
We need to charge a $5 fee to cover the room rental costs.  We will give you a free copy of the FC 2014 show catalogue and have a draw for SAQA materials and Highlander Beer.  No snacks will be provided but there is a Snack Alley in the building and you can bring individual snacks.
Please RSVP if you are coming on November 16th unless you have already let me know. 
It will help me make the proper seating arrangements with the AGB.
Visitors are welcome for the same $5 fee.
ALSO FYI that the AGB is hosting their annual Soup Bowl event and Christmas Sale that weekend.  All details are available at their website.  You will find parking is free and you may be interested in those additional events when you are coming to the meeting.  https://artgalleryofburlington.com/
We look forward to meeting with those who plan to attend!
Robynne Cole, Assistant on behalf of
Dwayne Wanner, Co-Rep SAQA Central Canada