Thursday, November 13, 2014

So many thanks for a great Regional Meeting in Belleville today... really good to see everyone!

Thanks to all of the members and guests who drove in to Belleville, ON for today's Regional Parlour Meeting at the John M. Parrott Gallery Meeting Room. There were a lovely 19 members and friends in attendance.

Very special thanks go to JOAN REIVE for arranging the meeting room space and providing all of the treats for us for the meeting today. Joan is a long time member of SAQA here in Central Canada and brought together today her Fibre artist friends from the Quinte Fibre Artists Group and neighboring Prince Edward County Guilds who were a welcome addition to all of the great conversation around the table.

We enjoyed seeing a beautiful array of new textile art pieces during our CREATIVE BUFFET, and it was great to have some feedback and suggestions on pieces underway as well as to hear the accolades for beautiful new work completed and ready for sharing. Thanks everyone who brought work. 

We heard information about upcoming SAQA Exhibition Calls to Entry, shared news of local and distance shows members like to visit and all enjoyed talking about SAQA for our guests.

So many thanks to our 2013/14 SAQA Central Canada Meetings Committee Robin Field, Peta Gillyatt Bailey and Diane Hogan for arranging our meetings and planning for the activities over this past year. Great treats, really new techniques and great discussions this past year at our meetings. Your work is done... make ART!Your work and desication to a job well done is so very much appreciated.

We welcome our new Meetings Planning Committee for 2015 with SAQA Central Canada volunteers JOAN REIVE from Belleville, LYNN LUSK from Prince Edward County (a brand new member) and YES... we would so appreciate having one more Committee Member to help, perhaps from Kingston and area. 

If indeed you would be willing to work with Joan and Lynn, or have ideas for our Regional Gatherings in the new year, please email Joan at  or Lynn Lusk at We look forward to the plans for the next year - and all suggestions are welcome.

Following lunch, we had the chance to tour the three Galleries at the John M. Parrott with Gallery Curator, Susan Holland. We celebrate Susan as a wise and supportive colleague in the Arts and champion of supporting Fibre Arts Groups and individuals who bring proposals for exhibitions at the Gallery. Susan talked to us about the selection process, how she assesses the proposals and she shared that she certainly welcomes proposals from groups and individuals wishing to share Fibre Art... always a  huge draw in the Belleville Gallery.

The Manly MacDonald Exhibition in Gallery One is stunning, with just a part of the many beautiful works by this Belleville Artist in the permanent collection up in the Gallery. In Gallery Two, we were delighted to tour the "One World - A Visual Perspective" with artist and photographer, Lola Reid Allin, who shared her stories of families of the Maya of Mexico and Guatemala that she lived with and photographed at various times in her career. The show continues through November 27th. In Gallery Three, "Arresting Images" on loan from the OPP Museum includes 100 images or MUG SHOTS from the period 1886-1908 with stories.

The meeting resumed after the tour with a discussion of developing/presenting Gallery proposals. Thanks to Phillida Hargreaves, Robin Field and Hilary Rice for sharing their experience and insights as Exhibition and Gallery Show-experienced artists. Your tips and insights are really helpful.

Best wishes to all of our Toronto/East area members and our Guests today for a great Holiday season and we will see you at the next meeting in the new year. Hope you each had a safe trip home as the snowflakes fell along the 401 on the way home.