Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Congratulations to Christine Alexiou, Maggie Vanderweit Meredith, Helena Scheffer and Marion Perrault who had quilts at the International Quilt Festival this year...

Royal Thistle, a collaboration between HELENA SCHEFFER and MARION PERRAULT, received much attention and delight by viewers at IQF Houston in early November. 

This stunning quilt is another in the beautiful series of collaborative pieces that these two renowned Canadian artist have shared in past years. The quilt is scheduled to travel with SAQA Exhibition 'Food for Thought' and travel to AQS Paducah and to Birmingham, UK in 2015.

Visit Helena's website here to see more of their collaborative quilts, all stunning in design and detail.
So many congratulations to both Helena and Marion as their quilt is enjoyed by many viewers over the next several years.

BIJOU by Christine Alexiou is a stunning quilt created in silk with beautifully executed machine stitch and hand applique. Christine was an IQF Mastery Award winner in 2013. Her work continues to draw viewers close to examine the minute detail and expert workmanship.

Please visit Christine's website here to learn more about Christine and her work. Many congratulations Christine and we look forward to seeing your work in SAQA exhibitions in the future.

Bedolina Threads, hand painted canvas and machine stitch by Maggie Vanderweit Meredith depicts one of the world's oldest maps and is a petroglyph in Northern Italy.

Maggie travelled with three friends to Houston this year to see the quilt hanging as a part of the International Quilt Festival's TACTILE ARCHITECTURE exhibition. Great to see your work in the company of many wonderful works this year, Maggie. Congratulations!

Please visit Maggie's Blog for lots of great photos and news about her trip to IQF:  here

Hoping we didn't miss anyone - but please do let us know if YOUR work was at Houston this year. Just proves that sharing your work in the Exhibition circles is fantastic exposure and allows the world to enjoy and admire your work.