Monday, October 13, 2014

SYNTHESIS II opens at GIBSON GALLERY, Amherstburg, ON October 23, 2014 ... what a beautiful time of year for a drive to enjoy the Exhibition

October 23  -  November 16
Studio Art Quilt Associates-Central Canada
An exquisite travelling exhibit of fabric art from the Studio Art Quilt Associates.
The SYNTHESIS II Exhibition has travelled all across Ontario over the past several years, exciting the viewers with stunning pieces created in fibre and stitch. The artists who have contributed their beautiful pieces to this exhibit are well known and very talented artist members of Studio Art Quilt Associates with recognition across Canada, the US and around the world.
Do try to make time to visit the Gallery in the Gallery of this historic Michigan Central Railroad Station, purchased and donated to the local ARTS Guild for all of us to enjoy.
Gallery Hours:  11:00 am - 5:00 pm
The Gallery is open Thursday to Sunday
Pamela Allen, Penny Berens, Ann Bird, Robynne Cole, Sharon Collins, Heather Dubreuil, Margaret Dunnsmore, Robin Laws Field, Marie-France Gosselin, Catharina Breedeyk Law, Lynne Morin, Elaine Quehl, Mardell Rampton, B.J. Reid, Helena Sheffer, Catherine Timm
SPECIAL THANKS to Patricia Caffery, Exhibition Curator, for her long and devoted commitment to ensuring that this exhibit has traveled (by personal delivery and pick up) across Ontario these past several years.