Monday, October 6, 2014

LYNNE MORIN to visit FIBREWORKS Kingston as Guest Instructor, November 7-9, 2014. Please join us...

Lynne uses fibre and found objects in her the most beautiful ways, ensuring that her viewers are treated with  sumptuous layering of different textures, types of fibre including felt, silk, wool, slubbed and raised surfaces, loose fibres, stitched threads and embellishments and a most exciting new addition to her work is PAINT! 

On her weekend with our students at FIBREWORKS KINGSTON WEEKEND WORKSHOP #2, November 7-9, 2014, Lynne will explore many of the unusual but extremely effective techniques she brings into her new work - and yes, it may appear to be "THE SAME - BUT  DIFFERENT" you are right... and the best way to explore using new and exciting media and techniques is to study with and learn from those in the Fibre Community who are doing just that!

The data collecting - adding bits and pieces of  knowledge/techniques as work evolves  in exploration and play with fabric, threads, sketches and planning new work over the weekend with Lynne with allow students the opportunity to stretch in all new directions ...

Yes, there will be painting of canvas... removed in the classroom  from a frame, painted and embellished with the addition of fabrics to enhance design elements, and certainly by the use of machine or hand stitch that is designed to support the direction each student sees as the next step toward their finished work. The goal is creating work that is exhibition ready, as the painted and stitched canvas will be re-mounted to the frame for display. Tips and tricks Lynne has learned as she developed her new series for 2014/15 will be the topic for discussion, with lots of individual attention for each student over the two day, intensive learning weekend at St. Lawrence College.

We invite you to join us - a few seats are available in the workshop weekend. Don't miss the chance to study with Lynne - her design savvy and hugely well recognized ability to coach and support students as they grow into their personal Exhibition strategies. Lynne's work is seen across Ontario and Canada in Galleries, solo exhibitions and in private collections.

Lynne Morin's "Sunflower" - painted canvas with fibre

Registration is open... visit Lynne's Workshop Page on the sidebar here, and send your registration soon to make sure YOU will be a part of the fun and learning opportunities. We can guarantee Lynne will be able to share information to make your design experience perhaps a bit of "THE SAME - but (surely) DIFFERENT" .

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