Thursday, September 4, 2014

SAQA Central Canada Fibre Artist members participate in unique collaboration with Kingston WritersFest artists who are Poets and Textile Artists

Stitch and Stanza: Inspiration Across Media

Stitch and Stanza will be on display the Holiday Inn on the Waterfront in downtown Kingston
  Thursday, September 25 until Saturday, September 28.
Meet-the-Artists Reception will be held Saturday, September 27, 11:00 am-12:00 pm.
Article below by Anita Jansman and posted to the KINGSTON ARTS COUNCIL Blog here

Finding inspiration through other art forms is a time-honored practice for artists. Renaissance painters were often inspired by the mythology found in classical literature.  Romantic poet John Keats waxed poetic on a series of designs found on a vase in his famous Ode On A Grecian Urn.

No surprise then that fibre artist, Wilma Kenny thinks it’s entirely natural to bring together Kingston fibre artists with Canadian poets to see how art might flourish  through collaboration. She approached Barbara Bell, artistic director of the Kingston WritersFest, and came up with the idea of Stitch and Stanza. The results will be on display at the Holiday Inn from September 25 to 28, during Kingston WritersFest.

“Both art forms communicate strongly on intellectual and visceral levels, which make them particularly rewarding to the viewers,” says Kenny, who has been a fibre artist for 30 years. She’s also an active community member and a writer, contributing regularly to Frontenac News.

Fibre art by Wilma Kenny

Here’s how Stitch and Stanza works: eleven poets and eleven artists were paired at random. The poets received an image from the fibre artists and the fibre artists received a poem. Each artist will produce a piece of work in their own medium in response to the piece they were sent.

One of the poets participating in Stitch and Stanza is Wanda Praamsma, whose first collection of poetry, A Thin Line Between, will be published in the fall. “Visual art fuels quite a bit of my poetry so this project feels very natural to me,” says Praamsma. While still in the process of writing the poem, she “feels good to have words and phrases swirling around, spurred on by the piece of art matched with me, by Tina Barnes.”

Fibre art by Tina Barnes

Poets participating in Stitch and Stanza are Sadiqa de Meijer, Jeramy Dodds, Eric Folsom, Phil Hall, Steve Heighton, Jason Heroux, Bruce Kauffman, Wanda Praamsma, Carolyn Smart, Sarah Tsiang and Anne-Marie Turza.

Kingston Fibre Artists Group members participating include Tina Barnes, Janet Elliott, Susan Farber, Robin Field, Bethany Garner, Janine Gates,  Phillida Hargreaves, Wilma Kenny, Sylvia Naylor, Kit Vincent and Mary Ev Wyatt.

Janet, Susan, Robin, Bethany, Janine, Phillida, Kit and Mary Ev are all members of SAQA Central Canada.