Monday, June 30, 2014

Canada's ANTI-SPAM Legislation comes into effect July 1, 2014...

A message to all of our SAQA CENTRAL CANADA Blog readers:
Canada's new Anti-Spam legislation will help reduce unwanted emails from appearing in consumers’ inboxes by requiring companies to gain their consent. We are supplying this information as many of our readers are arts related home-based or small business owners, or may generally be concerned about spam delivered to their inbox.

Does OUR SAQA Central Canada Blog comply? YES...

We are a Google Blogger site here at and use a Feedburner Subscription widget (located in the upper right hand corner on the right sidebar of our blog Home Page). Each of our SAQA Central Canada Blog Post subscribers "opted in" by using that form, provided their consent and are made aware that they can opt out or unsubscribe at any time. That being the case, we are in compliance. 
We do not add or import any email distribution lists to our Blog. With the Subscription Service from Blogger each individual receiving a post in their email inbox has subscribed, giving express consent.
Any of our subscribers may "unsubscribe" at the bottom of any post received that arrives in their inbox automatically after they have subscribed and confirmed their intent to want to receive new posts in their inbox at the provided email address from the RSS Feed via the SAQA Central Canada Subscription Service.
We do so hope you will stay onboard to keep abreast of all of the news now and up to the start of our Regional happenings in Ontario and Quebec . Your news and events notices are always welcome.
For more information about Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation, check out: The Canadian Government’s site to Fight Spam.
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