Thursday, May 22, 2014

Welcome back into the studio, Mary....hope to see you soon!

Greetings, fellow Central Canada members,

This message marks my final communication as a member of the Board of Directors for SAQA.  The past five years when I have acted either as regional rep or Board member have been exciting ones for SAQA, and it has been professionally fulfilling to have participated in the development of this cutting-edge fibre arts organization. 

When I was at our recent conference in Washington, DC, I began receiving the loveliest emails thanking me for my service, and it was only when I checked our blog that I read the extremely kind words Bethany Garner had written about my contributions to our region. Thank you to all of you who wrote. Though it sounds cliche', it has been a privilege to serve you and represent our region at that big international table.  

I would like to echo Bethany's sentiment that you get out of an organization only what you put into it.  There is a rep position open now and I assure you that by stepping up, you will achieve things you never imagined and meet incredible people who will inspire you endlessly.  Although I have devoted many hours to SAQA, I have done so unstintingly as I can attest that it has been a driving force in shaping my artistic life.  There are exciting times ahead for SAQA and I feel fortunate to be a part of this dynamic organization that is working on our behalf to elevate the status of the art quilt.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at upcoming exhibition openings and regional meetings.  And to getting back to my studio!  

Warm regards,