Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PAUL LEGER'S Nos aïeuls (our Ancesters) donated to the Acadian Museum in Moncton and is part of the AQUISITIONS 10 Exhibition

Over 40,000 items have been donated to the Acadian museum located at the University of Moncton. The Museum Director wrote Paul to advise that the Museum would be sharing an exhibit of 100 selected items that had been donated to them between years 2003-2013. Paul's notable and very special quilt was selected.
The exhibit which is named "Acquisitions 10, 2001-2013" ends on June 29th.
Paul Leger with his quilt,  Nos aïeuls (our Ancesters)at ACQUISITIONS 10 Exhibition

Paul wanted to make a quilt to honor the families who had founded Acadia. From the over 800 families who came to Acadia, he selected 305 names include in the quilt. Paul designed his quilt in a crossword puzzle layout to show how, over the centuries, families are linked by marriage, their communities or by events.
The quilt which measures 8.5 feet by 15.5 feet and has needed over 25,000 meters of thread to complete was donated to the museum in May 2012.
Congratulations Paul... we share our appreciation for the donation of this very special quilt, and your commitment of time and skill to record Acadian history for the Acadian Museum at the University of Moncton. What a beautiful way to pass along the important links of family and community with future generations.
Nos aïeuls (our Ancesters), Paul Leger