Thursday, May 29, 2014

Calling all Central Canada SAQA members - would you donate to Benefit Auction if you have another two weeks to get your piece in the mail???

Martha Sielman has asked all Regional Reps to share the news and put out the call!!!
2014 BENEFIT AUCTION QUILTS ARE NEEDED ASAP...  almost 230 quilts have been received, but last year there were about 450...WILL YOU PARTICIPATE??? HELP!!!
I have to admit - I have never sent an Auction Quilt (is my work good enough??? What could I  send that someone would bid on??? There are so many terrific quilts online already!!!)
BUT, I have been a devoted " Benefit Auction BUYER" for the last six years and have amassed quite a beautiful collection of quilts including those made by  our own Central Canada Members Robin Field, Cathy Breedyk-Law and Karen Goetzinger,  which I absolutely cherish. I have small SAQA members quilts from around the world!!!

Forest Floor, Bethany Garner
So, having participated for a great three or four years in a "12 x 12 Quilt Project" with friends here in Kingston, I have taken out all of my small quilts and my best is one called "FOREST FLOOR" (yes, it has real leaves and bits of woodsy found objects and of course, fibre!!!). I have decided I can share this one with the world of Auction bidders... it will go in the mail next week!
The extended deadline is now JUNE 15th! I will drive my piece to Wellesley Island to mail (flat rate boxes making shipping from a US post office so easy) - just like I did with the little Trunk Show Pieces I sent for a number of SAQA Central members in January ... that way I will be guaranteed it will reach the Auction Donations Coordinator by June 15th! I sort of promised Martha that I would - so here goes!!!
If anyone else in the area can get their donation pieces to me by Friday June 5th at the latest, they can go to the post office with mine.
Have a read though the Call to entry - you have 16 days... think about it and about how your donation will help keep the SAQA Exhibition schedule moving forward in the next year! I would love to have the chance to bid on YOUR Quilt!!! September is fast approaching - the excitement begins!

OK - I just completed and submitted my entry/donation form so I AM COMMITTED NOW... it's so easy - just click on the "Please fill out the form Now" link in Martha's post below. All the details are on the submission form (and yes, mounted pieces can be sent - they have to have a hanging wire on the back and a label.)
Thanks so much for considering YOUR donation...

2014 Benefit Auction
Call for Entries Deadline Extension

DEADLINE to receive entries has been extended to
June 15, 2014

Please fill out the form NOW so that we know to expect your Auction piece.

The 2014 Benefit Auction promotional flier is now available for download on the website.



--Martha Sielman (
Executive Director
Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.