Friday, May 30, 2014

Visit the Solo Exhibition of Carol Howard Donati - "WITHIN / WITHOUT" at the Shenkman Centre through June 11th

In My Head, Carol Howard Donati

Carol Howard Donati
SHENKMAN Centre, Orleans
Wall Gallery, 3rd Floor
MAY 28 - JUNE 11, 2014

I am pleased to show work from two series, Inner Visions and Everyday Things,  that feature my ongoing interests in personal reflection and the patterns of everyday life.  
Texture, painted or developed dimensionally with fabric, stitch, and embellishment, is central to the art I create. I frequently use everyday household materials, such as paper and plastic, to draw attention to what is commonly overlooked, and to bring the familiar into explorations of larger issues of our shared humanity such as family, food security, and the environment.
Congratulations to Carol as she shares this beautiful Solo Show at the Shenkman. Please do stop by if you are in the area before June 11th. You can see her video tour HERE and her website at

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Calling all Central Canada SAQA members - would you donate to Benefit Auction if you have another two weeks to get your piece in the mail???

Martha Sielman has asked all Regional Reps to share the news and put out the call!!!
2014 BENEFIT AUCTION QUILTS ARE NEEDED ASAP...  almost 230 quilts have been received, but last year there were about 450...WILL YOU PARTICIPATE??? HELP!!!
I have to admit - I have never sent an Auction Quilt (is my work good enough??? What could I  send that someone would bid on??? There are so many terrific quilts online already!!!)
BUT, I have been a devoted " Benefit Auction BUYER" for the last six years and have amassed quite a beautiful collection of quilts including those made by  our own Central Canada Members Robin Field, Cathy Breedyk-Law and Karen Goetzinger,  which I absolutely cherish. I have small SAQA members quilts from around the world!!!

Forest Floor, Bethany Garner
So, having participated for a great three or four years in a "12 x 12 Quilt Project" with friends here in Kingston, I have taken out all of my small quilts and my best is one called "FOREST FLOOR" (yes, it has real leaves and bits of woodsy found objects and of course, fibre!!!). I have decided I can share this one with the world of Auction bidders... it will go in the mail next week!
The extended deadline is now JUNE 15th! I will drive my piece to Wellesley Island to mail (flat rate boxes making shipping from a US post office so easy) - just like I did with the little Trunk Show Pieces I sent for a number of SAQA Central members in January ... that way I will be guaranteed it will reach the Auction Donations Coordinator by June 15th! I sort of promised Martha that I would - so here goes!!!
If anyone else in the area can get their donation pieces to me by Friday June 5th at the latest, they can go to the post office with mine.
Have a read though the Call to entry - you have 16 days... think about it and about how your donation will help keep the SAQA Exhibition schedule moving forward in the next year! I would love to have the chance to bid on YOUR Quilt!!! September is fast approaching - the excitement begins!

OK - I just completed and submitted my entry/donation form so I AM COMMITTED NOW... it's so easy - just click on the "Please fill out the form Now" link in Martha's post below. All the details are on the submission form (and yes, mounted pieces can be sent - they have to have a hanging wire on the back and a label.)
Thanks so much for considering YOUR donation...

2014 Benefit Auction
Call for Entries Deadline Extension

DEADLINE to receive entries has been extended to
June 15, 2014

Please fill out the form NOW so that we know to expect your Auction piece.

The 2014 Benefit Auction promotional flier is now available for download on the website.



--Martha Sielman (
Executive Director
Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

CHRISTINA BARNES, Kingston artist, created art for 52 weeks and shares at Solo Exhibition June 18-29, 2014

When an artist makes a serious commitment to create a finished piece of art once a week for 52 consecutive weeks in one year, we all have to take notice. This is one artist that can certainly make great art and is sharing!
Area friend to many on this list and Kingston Fibre Artists Group member, CHRISTINA BARNES, did just that! To celebrate her 52nd birthday, Tina vowed to keep her commitment and purchased 52+ canvases from Wallack's and got started. Each week she experimented with a technique she was familiar with, or experimented, finding many new ways to express her art in a focused, small piece that was mounted to the canvas. Each piece is different and beautifully executed.
In celebration of the completion of the project, Tina extends an invitation to friends and area arts enthusiasts to visit her Solo Exhibition between June 18-29th at the WINDOW ART GALLERY in Kingston. Please plan to visit the Exhibition during the Opening Reception and meet the artist.
Congratulations Tina, enjoy the celebration of your journey and seeing the work all together for the first time for everyone to enjoy!
8 x 8 x 52 by Tina Barnes
June 18-29, 2014
647A Princess St. at Victoria St.
Kingston, ON
June 22, 2014   1-4 pm

Monday, May 26, 2014

FIBRE CONTENT 2014 Exhibition entry deadline is this coming Sunday June 1, 2014

Fibre Content 2014
The 2014 Exhibition Organizing Committee sending this post as a REMINDER that your entry is important to the success of the second bi-annual Fibre Content Exhibition, to be held at the

Burlington Art Centre, September 9-16, 2014!

 Please note our Sunday June 1, 2014 Call to Entry Deadline
The Exhibition promises to draw a large number of visitors as it moves to a new timeline and is on exhibit at the beautiful Burlington Art Centre for a FULL WEEK including a fall weekend. This is a perfect time for travel while the weather is still beautiful, and the arts enthusiasts are keen to be out and about visiting the best of the best exhibitions. Having a large and exceptional entry from our member groups will ensure that this year's Show offers a wide and diverse display of techniques and interests from our artist entrants.
Juried by Emma Quin, Executive Director of the Ontario Crafts Council, Virginia Eichhorn, Director and Chief Curator of the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, and Sandra Dupret, Dean/Principal of the Fleming College Haliburton Campus, the 2014 show will seek to exhibit the best of contemporary Canadian fibre art — a wide range of works in fibre and mixed media such as fabric, paper, yarn, thread and various mixed materials.

In organizing Fibre Content 2014, Studio Art Quilt Associates (SAQA) Central Canada Division is joined by a wider number of guilds: Burlington Fibre Arts Guild, Burlington Handweavers and Spinners Guild, Burlington Hooking Craft Guild, Connections Fibre Artists, Grand Guild of Fibre Artists, Group of Eight Fibre Artists and Oakville Fibre Arts Guild.

The entries are open to all members of SAQA Central Canada and the participating guilds, as well as non-members who, if accepted, will be willing to join SAQA as artist members.

We welcome you to visit the SAQA website at for membership information.

Original artwork must have been completed within the last five years and must be the result of independent effort. Works, framed or unframed, must be ready to be hung. Before entering you artwork, please read rules and requirements in our online entry form (coming soon) carefully.

View/download our official Call for Entry (PDF) here

Submit Your Entry Now!


June 1, 2014
Entry deadline online at 11:59 pm
July 14, 2014
Accepted entry notification by email
Aug. 24, 2014
Optional delivery of artwork to Ottawa and Kingston as pre-arranged
Sep. 7, 2014
Delivery of accepted art at BAC from 12:30 to 3:30 pm
Sep. 9, 2014
Show opens
Sep. 16, 2014
Show closes
Sep. 17, 2014
Pick up artwork at BAC between 1:00 pm and no later than 6:00 pm
Sep. 20, 2014
Optional pick up of artwork in Ottawa and Kingston as pre-arranged.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dorothy Caldwell Exhibition "SILENT ICE / DEEP PATIENCE" at Art Gallery of Peterborough

Dorothy Caldwell, Walking on Tundra,
silkscreen and discharged cotton, dyed, stitched and appliqué,
66 cm x 134.62 cm, 2013

Once in awhile we here in southeastern Ontario have the special opportunity to view the work of a master. The Art Gallery of Peterborough shares one of the most spiritually moving exhibitions I have walked in many, many years. The sheer insightful impact of the work - huge, ceiling high works that are hand stitched, filled with the magic of the artist's design savvy and the colour, laid on by hand with earth ochre and line - the way only Dorothy Caldwell works.

Stunning collections of rock, shell and rusty iron... magically line up in drawers built specifically to hold them. A large glass case filled with treasured pieces of ephemera collected on walks and journeys in the Canadian Arctic and Australia. Mind boggling miniature collages of leaves, string, marks and colour on paper, hung from long pins in a collective on the wall. Shelves filled with journals - not of written word, but the stories her work tells as she layers the found objects and leaves for dyeing papers and cloth - each shares the "voice" of the artist's expert colouration of paper and cloth with earth's gift of subtle colour.

The art work is masterfully exhibited... along the walls in a long narrow ramp leading down to the main gallery, and in the darkened, serene space of the large lower Gallery. The small pieces speak as loudly as the large, each filled with life as Dorothy marks her journey and shares with each viewer. Pieces of old quilts, bits of silk mounted on her exquisite screen printed fabrics, each small bit salvaged from previous project assemblages and added in to draw you closer. The stitch - magnificently simple.

The sheer joy and awe felt while standing in this gallery is moving enough, but having friends Penny Berens and Hilary Scanlon along to share the adventure made this past Thursday in Peterborough very special.

Please don't miss the opportunity to take the drive to Peterborough a special part of your early summer. Make it a day to share with several pool and/or meet friends there for a walk through. This is an exhibit that children and adults alike should and can enjoy together. Dorothy's work remains through June 22nd, along with several others artists whose work is at the Art Gallery as well... but the Caldwell work in the lower Gallery is NOT to be missed. Ride north from the 401 and pass through Hastings and on to Peterborough - the countryside is truly beautiful. The Art Gallery sits waterside in the downtown, with beautiful lawns to walk, boat rides on the river and a bustling downtown. I highly recommend the Electric Bakery for lunch...within walking distance if you like. Enjoy.


Exhibiting now:
Dorothy Caldwell: Silent Ice / Deep Patience

Beth McCubbin: Material World

Jane LowBeer: Crankees

Saturday, May 24, 2014

BENEATH THE SURFACE - Solo Exhibition of Pat Caffery's beautiful hand stitched art

May 22 to June 17, 2014
SHENKMAN Arts Centre
245 Centrum Boulevard, Lower Level
Ottawa, ON
June 1, 2014
1-3 pm
Hours: Daily from 8:30 am - 10:30 pm

Many congratulations to Pat as she shares this truly beautiful collection of original hand stitched art.
Please make time to visit the Shenkman Arts Centre during this exhibition and take friends. This is an exhibition not to be missed.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Martha Sielman, SAQA Executive Director, issues a Call to Entry... an excellent opportunity

Wearing my author hat, I'm very excited to announce that I've just signed a contract with Interweave to write "Art Quilt Inspirations: Abstracts & Geometrics". The book will include interviews with 20 Featured Artists showing multiple works by each.  Approximately 70 additional artists will have their work showcased in the book's gallery sections.

Preliminary submission will be via email. Send to
  •         your name
  •         address
  •         phone number
  •         email address
  •         website URL
  •         titles of your submission(s)
Attach jpegs of up to 3 images of your art. Images should be jpegs only, not larger than 1200 pixels in any dimension.  Please label each image file with last name.. first name_title
(e.g. Sielman_Martha_Abstract 1).

DEADLINE is October 31, 2014.

Looking forward to seeing your work!

--Martha Sielman
Martha has authored several books in the recent past, very well received in the Art Quilt world: MASTERS, Art Quilts, MASTERS II, Art Quilts, and People and Portraits.

Welcome back into the studio, Mary....hope to see you soon!

Greetings, fellow Central Canada members,

This message marks my final communication as a member of the Board of Directors for SAQA.  The past five years when I have acted either as regional rep or Board member have been exciting ones for SAQA, and it has been professionally fulfilling to have participated in the development of this cutting-edge fibre arts organization. 

When I was at our recent conference in Washington, DC, I began receiving the loveliest emails thanking me for my service, and it was only when I checked our blog that I read the extremely kind words Bethany Garner had written about my contributions to our region. Thank you to all of you who wrote. Though it sounds cliche', it has been a privilege to serve you and represent our region at that big international table.  

I would like to echo Bethany's sentiment that you get out of an organization only what you put into it.  There is a rep position open now and I assure you that by stepping up, you will achieve things you never imagined and meet incredible people who will inspire you endlessly.  Although I have devoted many hours to SAQA, I have done so unstintingly as I can attest that it has been a driving force in shaping my artistic life.  There are exciting times ahead for SAQA and I feel fortunate to be a part of this dynamic organization that is working on our behalf to elevate the status of the art quilt.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at upcoming exhibition openings and regional meetings.  And to getting back to my studio!  

Warm regards,


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

PAUL LEGER'S Nos aïeuls (our Ancesters) donated to the Acadian Museum in Moncton and is part of the AQUISITIONS 10 Exhibition

Over 40,000 items have been donated to the Acadian museum located at the University of Moncton. The Museum Director wrote Paul to advise that the Museum would be sharing an exhibit of 100 selected items that had been donated to them between years 2003-2013. Paul's notable and very special quilt was selected.
The exhibit which is named "Acquisitions 10, 2001-2013" ends on June 29th.
Paul Leger with his quilt,  Nos aïeuls (our Ancesters)at ACQUISITIONS 10 Exhibition

Paul wanted to make a quilt to honor the families who had founded Acadia. From the over 800 families who came to Acadia, he selected 305 names include in the quilt. Paul designed his quilt in a crossword puzzle layout to show how, over the centuries, families are linked by marriage, their communities or by events.
The quilt which measures 8.5 feet by 15.5 feet and has needed over 25,000 meters of thread to complete was donated to the museum in May 2012.
Congratulations Paul... we share our appreciation for the donation of this very special quilt, and your commitment of time and skill to record Acadian history for the Acadian Museum at the University of Moncton. What a beautiful way to pass along the important links of family and community with future generations.
Nos aïeuls (our Ancesters), Paul Leger

Thursday, May 15, 2014

MANY SAQA members will be attending QBL Workshops this summer and many others are FACULTY at Quilting by the Lake 2014... come on down!

Join us for Quilt Show, Tours, & Classes 
at Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY
One of the longest running professional quilting conferences in the country with an internationally renowned faculty and over 200 quilters participating in classes in design, techniques and surface design for all levels. 
Quilt Show Open to Public - 
Now Air Conditioned!

Hours: Sunday July 13 - Fri July 18, and Sun July 20 - Thurs. July 24 11:30 - 5:30. Tuesdays July 15 and July 22 from 7-9pm. 
Admission $6, Members of Schweinfurth Art Center and Children under 12 free. Free to Guild Members with guild membership card on Monday July 14, 2014.  
Special Tour Days July 17 & July 24

Tour Day Package Includes:

* Introduction to QBL
* Guided Tour of QBL classrooms with teachers
* Lunch
* Admission to Quilt Show & Vendors
* Lecture by QBL Faculty (open to Tour & QBL Students only)

July 17: Philippa Naylor 
Philippa trained as a clothing designer and worked as a lingerie designer before setting up her own bespoke wedding and evening dress business. She began quilting in 1996 while living in Saudi Arabia. Curved Pieces, the use of bright hand-dyed fabrics and extensive free motion machine quilting are hallmarks of Philippa's work. She has won many top quilting prizes including the Pfaff Award for Machine Artistry and the International Quilt Festival, Houston in 2007 and 2008 and best of Show at the 2003 American Quilters Society show in Kentucky. Philippa published her book "Quilting in the Limelight" in 2008. 
July 24: Victoria Findlay Wolfe
Victoria Findlay Wolfe is a New York City based quilter who recently won Best of Show at the 2013 QuiltCon Conference for her quilt Double Edged Love. Victoria is a fabric designer, found and President of NYC Modern Quilt Guild, a Board member of the Quilt Alliance, and runs several community drives with BumbleBeansBASICS. She is the author of 15 Minutes of Play (C&T publishing). Born and raised on a farm in Minnesota, she credits her quilting influences to her grandmother's double knit crazy quilts that kept her warm, growing up. 
 Tour Day: $30, advance registration required 1 week before tour day.

Registration 10:30am - 11:00 am. Classroom tours 11:15 - 12:15. Lunch 12:15 - 1:00 Quilt Show 1:00 - 2:00. Lecture 2:00 - 2:45. Quilt show open until 5:30pm. Tour involves brisk walking. 
Interested in taking a class? 
Click Here for more information on 2014 classes Spaces still available in classes with Philippa Naylor, Victoria Findlay Wolfe, and others.

Fore more information on Quilting by the Lake visit
Quilting by the Lake is a program of the Schweinfurth Art Center.  

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SAQA Central Canada artists work chosen for permanent collection at NATIONAL QUILT MUSEUM in Paducah...

Poppies Aglow, Carolynn McMillan

Congratulations to the following artists whose trunk show pieces have been chosen to become part of the permanent collection of the National Quilt Museum  in Paducah, Kentucky.  Jurors for the selections were Trudi Van Dyke and B.J. Adams.

Walking Through The Hardwoods, Tracey Lawko
Incendiary, Helena Scheffer

Beach Sunset, Toni Major
The 50 SAQA Members chosen for the permanent Collection are:
Barbara Adams
Frieda L. Anderson
Pauline Barrett
Maggi Birchenough
Pat Bishop
Vicki Bohnhoff
Tafi Brown
Peggy Brown
Jette Clover
Maureen Cole
Vicki Conley
Daniela Dancelli
Patricia Dunbar
Pat Durbin
Tommy Fitzsimmons
Carole Frocillo
Sheila Gaquin
Bethany Garner
Cindy Grisdela
Desiree Habicht
Judith Harrison
Cindy Kuo
Cat Larrea
Tracey Lawko
Katharina Litchman
Toni Major
Sue Matyszak
Lorie McCown
Carolynn McMillan
Ginny McVickar
Denise Oyama Miller
Jan Moser
Dominie Nash
Linda Nelson-Johnson
Patricia Pease
Judy Peterson
Helena Scheffer
Lin Schiffner
Barbara Schneider
Joan Schulze
Sara Sharp
Sarah Ann Smith
Jeanne Sredl
Randy Temple
Sherrie Tootle
Laura Wasilowski
Jean Wells Keenan
Ruth A. White
Eileen Williams
Jenny Williams
Let Us Feed The World, Bethany Garner

The SAQA Traveling Trunk pieces are all 7" x 10", mounted on black mats enclosed in plastic bags for protection during travel over three years. The packages include the artist statement and details of the techniques and materials used to create the individual art works. Following the three year Trunk Show schedule for travel to SAQA Regions, Galleries and special events around the world, these 50 quilts will move to the permanent collection at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky.
Special thanks to all of our SAQA Central Canada members who created their small quilts and donated them for the Trunk Show Program. They will bring the joy and excitement of fibre art to many around the world.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Congratulations to ELAINE QUEHL as she becomes a "Cover Girl" with Quilting Arts

For each of you who recognize Elaine's signature "HOSTA" pieces which have taken awards in shows across Canada and the US in the past, the fact that she is recognized now with her own COVER PHOTO with Interweave and their Quilting Arts Magazine, this comes as no surprise. The specialized placement of colour and design with highlights in just the right place and stunning quilting, Elaine makes the flow in her work so really comfortable for horticulturalists and quilt lovers alike.
We are all very happy for Elaine and couldn't pass up the opportunity here to shout out a huge "congratulations" and "way to go" to this super friend to many of us, and an outstanding local and nationally recognized and beloved Instructor and award winning artist.
Watch your mailbox for the June/July issue of Quilting Arts Magazine if you subscribe, or catch a copy at your favourite Newsstand. This issue is inspired by nature and features over 25 garden inspired art quilts. They won't last long! If you miss it, you can order a copy here:
Have some fun as you work your way toward QUILT CANADA and your several great and popular classes scheduled for the week of June 11th-14th in St. Catherines.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Regional Meeting Monday, May 12, 2014 in Kingston - Please join us!

NEWS from Kingston and area:

Regional meeting planned for Monday, May 12, 2014  from 10:30-3 pm with brown bag lunch and after lunch, trying the long and short stitch and a 'wasp nest' fabric design demo.
The meeting will be held in Kingston at the St. Johns Church Hall. The Church is located on Church Street off Biden Ave. in the Portsmouth Village area of Kingston.

Easy Access by exiting 401 at Sir John A Boulevard and following Sir John A to the end at King Street and the Kingston penitentiary... turn right and follow King Street west to  (Tim Horton's and a light at the intersection).  Turn right at the light onto Mowat Ave and proceed one block north to Biden Ave. Take a right to Church Street and turn left on Church Street two blocks north. Parking on the street.
Our Committee of volunteers plan and arrange the meeting place, time, and agenda items which will offer members a fun and interesting palette of Parlour Meeting activities including the "Creative Buffet" offered here in our area at meetings in past years and enjoyed by all. Please bring your new pieces to share and we have an "exchange or free" table for art supplies/fabrics.
The new volunteer Committee members for 2014 are:
Robin Field, robin[AT] - RSVP for attendance at coming meetings
Peta Bailey, peta[AT]
Diane Hogan, hoganrd[AT]

We are hoping for a new Co-Rep volunteer to step forward from the Ottawa/Montreal area to help organize area meetings there...please contact the SAQA Reps Coordinator, Desiree Vaughn at
Hope to see YOU at a Regional meeting soon!
Bethany Garner
SAQA Co-Representative

Friday, May 2, 2014

Congratulations to Susan Strachan Johnson as she shares new work at the OCTARINE Women Artists Collective Exhibitionthis weekend...

404 York Road
Guelph ON
FRIDAY - SUNDAY, May 2-4, 2014
OPENING - Friday evening May 2 - 7-9 pm
Saturday, May 3rd -  10 am to 5 pm
Sunday, May 4th - 10 -4 pm

We extend our congratulations to SAQA Central Canada member, Susan Strachan Johnson, who has created eight amazing works based on photographs she had taken while on holiday in the Serengeti in 2013. Her talent as a painter and textile artist is certainly evident as you view the beautiful works shared on her blog
Having had the privilege and fun of watching Susan develop several of these works while we travelled together to the artist residency at the ranch of Karey Bresenhan in LaGrange, Texas in March, I can certainly attest to the huge amount of work that has gone into the detailed hand painting on cloth and resulting stitch work on each of the pieces. Susan's commitment to excellence in each of her works is widely recognized and can be seen in the collection being presented in "EIGHT DIMENSIONS" this weekend at Studio 404.
IMPALAS, Susan Strachan Johnson

Please do not miss the opportunity to visit Susan's Blog and see the eight beautiful new works - or better yet, get to STUDIO 404  in Guelph this weekend and admire them in person.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Our Blog is celebrating 50,000 Page Views today and we thank YOU, Mary Pal. A seriously busy lady who continues to represent our Central Canada Region so wonderfully well!!

SAQA - Who We Are
Our own Mary Pal, SAQA Board of Directors Secretary

The SAQA Central Canada Blog was originally designed and launched by MARY PAL some years ago, before she was asked to join the SAQA Board of Directors. Mary has served for the past several years as their very accomplished and BUSY Recording Secretary! Congratulations Mary and have fun this weekend!

Today we celebrate MARY and her contributions to our SAQA Central Canada Region and wish her all the best as she attends the "CELEBRATING SILVER - CAPITOLIZING ON FIBRE" Conference in Washington D.C. and works through her last few SAQA Board meetings before stepping aside to resume her amazing career as an artist, renowned and much sought after Instructor and most importantly as our neighbor and friend. Have a BLAST at the conference Mary.... and know we are all here at home thinking about you!
The Conference gets underway tomorrow, May 1st and at least one SAQA Central member, Maggie Vanderweit Meredith, will be in attendance. So many activities, great speakers, vendors, the SAQA  book store and so many planned activities and inspiration for Mary, Maggie and their new SAQA friends to enjoy! Wish we were all there with you to help celebrate this great milestone for the SAQA organization and all of our members.... over 3000 strong worldwide.
It is so important to have each and every one of you as part of our network of friends and fellow artists in this great organization. Mary would tell you if she were here at the keyboard that the SAQA Association is only as good as YOUR input and contributions can make it.
Participation at local and Regional gatherings, entering your work in the many amazing SAQA Exhibitions and yes, volunteering to take on the day to day jobs that keep the wheels turning and the Association moving forward is important. Do make time as we celebrate the Conference Weekend and many area events our members are participating in as artists to think about how YOU might contribute and make SAQA even more important to our members.
As we post this congratulations to Mary, we are really pleased to know that our Central Canada Blog has had over 50, 000 page visits from members and visitors from all around the world. This is how we "talk" to each other, share news and events and make sure that our networks are connecting. New members are always welcome, and we hope you will invite a friend to an upcoming meeting. Perhaps you will decide to join in on the "I AM SAQA" promotion that Heather Dubreuil recently participated in (open to every SAQA member, so check it out online at
The next Regional Meeting is Monday, May 12, 2014, 10:30-3 pm at the St. John's Church located on Church Street in Portsmouth Village, Kingston, ON. Details and the Regional Meeting Agenda are available from the area Committee members: Robin Field, Peta Bailey and Diane Hogan. Plans are underway for a creative and fun filled gathering - so please plan to be there with us.
RSVP Attendance plans to Robin:
Thanks for being a part of our very active and growing SAQA Central Canada Region...and do send your own congratulations to Mary Pal at