Friday, April 18, 2014

Please consider commiting to make YOUR donation for the 2014 SAQA Benefit Auction. Join in and share your beautiful work with the Auction participants in September 2014!


Today Martha Sielman posted the weekly E-Blast of news for SAQA members and there we find the stunning donation of our own CAROLYNN McMILLAN for all to see and admire. Thank you Carolynn for being a part of the Early Bird Donations team of SAQA members. Your piece will certainly get a lot of attention as the Benefit Auction for 2014 begins in September.

SAQA's Benefit Auction is our largest fundraiser and SAQA's biggest income source after membership dues. In 2013, exhibitions of SAQA member work traveled to Australia, Canada, England, France, Gabon, Italy, South Africa, and seventeen states across the U.S.  The quilts were displayed in 8 museums and 19 major quilt festivals and were seen by several hundred thousand visitors, many of whom had never seen an art quilt before.

Also included in the 2014 Early Bird donations is a beautiful quilt by SHARON COLLINS, retired Co-Rep and Juried Artist Member from our SAQA Central Canada Region:

Crossing to Safety, Sharon Collins

Early Bird donations this year also include these exciting entries from Juried Artist Members, PHILLIDA HARGREAVES, Kingston,ON and  HEATHER DUBREUIL, Hudson, QC.

Forever Car Ride, Phillida Hargreaves
Brooklyn #5, Heather Dubreuil

This is an opportunity to not only help the Association continue to support the many Exhibitions we share throughout the year, but to ensure that YOUR work is seen by visitors to the Auction website pages before and during the Auction events in September. Some of the quilts will be selected for a Live Auction at the RUBY ANNIVERSARY Celebrations at the International Quilt Festival in Houston from October 27- November 2, 2014.

Please consider your donation timing and make sure that your 12" square piece reaches the Auction Coordinator by JUNE 1, 2014. Make sure you ship with a tracking number so you have a record of the quilt arriving to Gale.

Gale Oppenheim-Pietrzak
12 Conchas Loop
Santa Fe, NM 87508
 The 2014 donation submission form/details can be found here:

Suggestion:  Consider working with several SAQA Central Canada Region member friends in your area and make donating YOUR small quilt to our Annual Benefit Auction a priority for this year!

And do your mailing together to save on shipping. Canada Post is a great way to ship and they will get your parcel there safely and on time as long as you plan ahead.

Thanks in advance for participating and do visit the auction pages at  for all of the details and Auction locations, dates and rules.