Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Congratulations to ELAINE QUEHL as she assumes a new role as Fabric Line and Pattern Designer for NORTHCOTT FABRICS

We are here today with huge congratulations and to pass along the exciting news shared with her blog readers in November... Elaine's exciting summer of 2013 was spent working with the well known Canadian fabric manufacturer, NORTHCOTT FABRIC's Deborah Edwards, learning the "ropes" for becoming one of their contributing artist/designers. This new relationship has resulted in the upcoming launch of an entirely new line of nature inspired fabrics. We wish Elaine all of the very best and know that her commitment to the art of working with fibre and textile as a designer, quilter and dye master, and her continued sharing of techniques and inspiration with students around the world will be an inspiring and wonderful new part of her busy life.
LOSSES, Elaine Quehl
Inspiration for the new line is seen here in Elaine's beautiful quilt, LOSSES, and the colours, textures and beautifully coordinated values in the hand dyed fabrics she used in this quilt are certainly representative of Elaine's talent.

"For the most part Northcott will be producing lines of fabric based on my hand-dyed fabrics. In addition, however, there will be printed fabrics based on elements from my quilts. In the last few months we've gone through a couple of ideas, which involved me doing a fair bit of dyeing to try to produce a line that would work and reflect the correct season when the fabric will be released. The other challenge for me, seat of the pants dyer that I am, is that I want a second set of fabrics almost identical to the set I am handing over to Northcott for photographing, scanning, etc. That second set is what I will use to make things from this line of fabric." relates Elaine.
"The other part of the relationship with Northcott is that they will become the distributor for my patterns." Those of us who have worked with Elaine in her classes know she is a detail oriented and extremely talented designer, keen to make sure that the pattern "works" before releasing it to the public and her following of eager students. We eagerly anticipate new designs along the way.
So, Elaine... from all of your friends, long term customers and the many students who have benefitted from your skills and knowledge, your willingness to share all that you have learned as an artist to ensure that we have the techniques and confidence to follow along in your footsteps, the very best as your busy year ticks down. We will all be around to help as you celebrate the release of your new fabric line in early 2014. There will be the resulting tours, all new classes and the beautiful smiles you will undoubtedly be wearing everywhere you go! Job very well done and we wish you all of the best as launch time approaches.