Monday, September 9, 2013

Congratulations to Heather Durbreuil and Mary Pal... Auction Donation Quilts sold fist day!!!

Boathouses #2, Heather Dubreuil


First Day Sales in the SAQA Benefit Auction are always a wonderful experience for the members who donated quilts that make it into the hands of the avid collectors who are willing to support the Auction with $750 minimum first day bids to add the quilts to their collections.

This year one collector chose to add BOTH Heather Dubreuil and Mary Pal's quilts to his/her collection and we are all so pleased for our friends Heather and Mary.

Please stay tuned as MORE of our Canadian SAQA Members donations move into private collections over the next few days. Pages 1a and 1b are up for bids through Saturday September 14th... BID OFTEN and BID HIGH.

Visit the Auction pages at: