Monday, September 16, 2013

Are you following the 2013 SAQA Benefit Auction online??? Join in!

Round Two of the bidding opened today for the SAQA 2013 Benefit Auction which is the major annual fundraiser for our Association, and supports the many NEW Exhibitions planned by SAQA over the next year.
Quilts sold in Round One included great quilts by Central Canada members PHILLIDA HARGREAVES, "Dancing" and HELENA SCHEFFER "Revelry".  Thanks so much for sharing your work with appreciative collectors of fine quilt art. You can see their quilts at:
The first quilt sold today was donated by JAN MYERS NEWBURY, my dye idol, and it went in the first hours of bidding for $750. Thanks to Jan and her amazing Arashi Pole Wrapped Shibori,  Round Two is on it's way....

Pages 2a and 2b are open for viewing and the bidding is underway!!! In this round,  two of our SAQA Central Canada members, SHARON COLLINS, SAQA Central Co-Rep and ROBIN LAWS FIELD have work in the group of quilts up for bids.

Why not stay on top of the Benefit Auction in the weeks to come. It's fun to watch each evening and see which quilts have been purchased that day and what is yet to come as the quilts go to the active bidders. I bought two great small quilts Saturday in the closing hours of Round One, and cannot wait to see them arrive in the mail and add them to my collection. I have purchased the art of my fellow SAQA members for the past six years and love each piece. The quilts happily adorn the walls of my studio. I have acquired beautiful art quilts from the several US art quilters, Linda Colsh from Belgium , Catharina Breedyk Law and Karen Goetzinger from our own Central Canada membership and a great quilt from Luxembourg through the SAQA Auctions.

Are we there yet? Robin Laws Field
Submitting a bid is fun, fast and so easy with the online bid form and your credit card. Being counted as a contributing member, either by donating YOUR quilts or as a collecting bidder during the Benefit Auction weeks, is all important for the continuing growth and support of our SAQA Exhibitions and is hugely important to our Mission -  sharing quilt art with the world.
Oil and Water, Sharon Collins
Have some fun with your viewing and BIDDING this week, and do share the news with friends, family and neighbors who love ART: (and THANK YOU!)
Bethany Garner
SAQA Co-Rep.