Thursday, September 5, 2013

2013 Benefit Auction goes live on Tuesday, September 9th at 2 pm EST

If you are considering bidding in the first round of the Benefit Auction, our Executive Director has posted the pre-bid forms so that you can load them into your iPad, iPhone or home computer and be ready to go when the Auction opens.

Here is the note from Martha and we have a preview running here on the blog for you.

"We've put up the links to the bidding forms on each page so you can test them out. Just put in random numbers for your credit card - it won't go live until 2:00 PM Eastern on Monday, September 9th. I'll let you know if your test bid has gone through correctly."

First group up for auction is on:
Page 1a --
Page 1b --

Martha Sielman (860-487-4199)
Executive Director
Studio Art Quilt Associates, Inc.

Support the art quilt - bid early and often in SAQA's 2013 Benefit Auction!