Wednesday, July 3, 2013

WORKSHOP ON THE WEB seeks new Subscribers... can you help?

For those of you who have loved the MANY Batsford books from the UK that have been written about fibre arts and the related techniques by our British friends and particularly MAGGIE GREY, please read the note below. Maggie and her contemporaries have worked very hard to share the very best of the best in both live classroom studies and the wonderful WORKSHOP ON THE WEB which Maggie coordinates.

WOW is a great way to study with outstanding artists from the comfort of your studio or favourite online hideaway (the cottage this summer maybe). We can't all travel to England and beyond to study with the Masters... but we can support Workshop on the Web.
Have a peek at the website and try a "TEASER" workshop or two - and the subscription is just $20 pounds sterling - actually quite a nice bargain, less expensive than most magazines or individual books these days and well worth the price.
Here is a note from Maggie Grey:
Dear Friends:

We are having a big subscription rally for Workshop on the Web in the next few weeks. This is taking the form of a free book give-away for new subscribers. We do appreciate that, as loyal Workshop on the Web subscribers , you should all have a free book,but we hope you understand that unless we get the numbers up, there may soon be no WOW to subscribe to.
Your subscriptions allow us to pay for great workshop tutors online and we really want to continue to do this.

It would be great if you could all get behind us on the ‘big push’ – Facebook, Blogs, telling friends etc.
Please help if you can, and we welcome all new subscribers..

Best wishes

AND SO, Central Canada friends, we have shared Maggie's call for help....
If you are interested, we would certainly encourage your participation as a new subscriber if the timing is tight for you. The world of fibre art is a wonderful, albeit small, sister/brotherhood that we can all appreciate as times are tougher, and support for ongoing news, information and techniques sharing is needed.
*** Let us know at your next local SAQA Central meeting if you are enjoying the WOW advantages... I subscribed today! (Bethany)
Dwayne Wanner and Bethany Garner, SAQA Central Canada Reps