Saturday, December 8, 2012

Congratulations to Neera on her inclusion in the CHANDLER ART CENTER Exhibition: INTEGRATING A PARADOX: ART QUILTS XVII

GEOLOGY, Then and Now
Ottawa, Ontario
Artist Statement
This piece examines the earth. What seems solid and certain to our senses can be fragile and uncertain. Those of us living in an earthquake zone have learned to live with this reality. I have tried to capture the paradox of strength and certainty changing to weakness and to see the beauty and power in this transformation for nothing in life is guaranteed.
Paradox is an integral and irrevocable part of our lives. We live in a dualistic world of right and wrong, east and west, birth and death, black and white. How we integrate and reconcile these paradoxes says a great deal about us.
This series explores the paradox of creation and destruction and the uncertainty created by not knowing when these acts will occur. We usually see creation and destruction as opposites, with beginnings and endings occurring at a specific time and place. To me they are a continuum, a transformational process…a continual movement, a spiral of birth and death, of order and entropy and back to order.
These pieces explore the fecundity, beauty and the many layers that one can approach with this subject.Since ancient times, cloth has not only protected us from the elements but has expressed our creativity and our love of beauty. I believe the love of beautiful textiles is in the DNA of all Indian women and I am no exception.
Materials: silks, brocades, linen and cotton batting. The top was made first, then moulded, tucked, hand and machine quilted.