Thursday, October 4, 2012

SYNTHESIS II - A Message from Curator, Patricia Caffery

SYNTHESIS II to have new opportunities for 2013 and 2014.

I am thrilled to let you know that Lynne Morin has been hard at work on behalf of Synthesis II. She has applied again to the City of Ottawa for an opportunity to have Synthesis II in one of the City Galleries in 2013. Last year we were on a waiting list so hopefully with Lynne's hard work we will be successful at obtaining Gallery space in Ottawa.
Lynne also made a submission to the Chambers Gallery and the Corridor Gallery in Almonte. Today they confirmed that they will host Synthesis II in May 2013 at the Chambers Gallery and in June 2013 at the Corridor Gallery at the Library. A huge thank you to Lynne for all her work on behalf of Synthesis II.

Lynne is also working with the Homer Watson Gallery in Kitchener and perhaps we will be successful there.

I am still negotiating dates with the Gibson Gallery. They have an opening next summer but we are trying to co-ordinate the Gibson Exhibition with two other galleries in the area. If we are successful, I expect all of the exhibitions will be in early 2014. As soon as I have dates, I will let you know.

Heather Dubreuil is working with SAQA members in Quebec at obtaining gallery space for Synthesis II. All of the materials are being translated into French by Julie Poirier. This is a huge undertaking but essential for any submissions in Quebec. Thank you Julie, your huge contribution is very much appreciated.

A Calendar of all of the upcoming SYNTHESIS II traveling Exhibition Locations will be posted to the Synthesis II pages here at the SAQA Central Blog as soon as the actual dates are confirmed.
Anyone who has a connection to the local Gallerys in their location is encouraged to please join us in the effort to secure future Exhibition venues for this beautiful and thought provoking exhibition collection. (Twenty pieces from 16 Canadian Artists, all exhibition ready. The collection comes with a beautiful exhibition Artists Statement portfolio to have at the Gallery for viewer information). Please contact Pat Caffery, Synthesis II Curator, at for information about the exhibition pieces, shipping and for an informational package including a DVD of the pieces to share with your contacts.
Patricia Caffery
Curator, Synthesis II Exhibition